Comments Mikasa hate: Help me understand.

false_hero9 years ago#1994578I like.. no, love Mikasa! I'm not fond of yanderes but she's just awesome! :D

Mikasa isn't a yandere, she's not a crazy love driven psychopath, she's just been jaded over what she's seen from such a young age and wants so prevent similar situations from happening to the remaining part of her makeshift family (Eren and Armin)
9 years ago

People that think she's two dimensional missed the episode where she decided to live on even when she thought she'd lost Eren. I also disagree with those who say she doesn't really care about Armen. She punched Eren for being mean to him once and comforted Armen when he said he was responsible for Eren's death. Mikasa's depths are subtly explored much like Levi's. She's a great character.
9 years ago
I like.. no, love Mikasa! I'm not fond of yanderes but she's just awesome! :D
9 years ago
I like Mikasa. ) She will be much better, than all busty girls.
9 years ago
People dislike her only because she's too overprotected to Eren. I mean, come on people. Eren is the one and only left of her family. Her biological parents dead, adoptive mom dead and her adoptive dad existence is unknown.
10 years ago
I dunno, I haven't seen someone hating Mikasa in my country, but I have seen a lot of people who hate the anime, I think... this happens because they are expecting nice tits and a stereotypical female behavior (yandere,tsundere,moe, etc.), she is intelligent, serious and strong and she doesn't show any sensuality and stupidity in her attitudes. That's why I love her and that's why I love this anime.

(sorry my bad english)
10 years ago
Chaotic-heart10 years ago#1776900Being overprotective on Eren is what I like about her LOL

Same here :P. Although her protectiveness of Eren becomes a tad extreme every now and then, it gives her something human. I think it's unselfish and even cute that someone can care that much for another person, regardless of whether that person feels the same way >u<.
It's easy to put yourself in the first place, but it takes a real hero to put someone else there ^^.

Besides, she pursues her goal of protecting Eren with the same intensity that Eren persues his goal of killing all the titans. So, it's not like she's the only obsessive one, anyways x3.

In my head I kind of came to think of her as some sort of mother bear that can through any length just to protect her cubs(e 3 e).
..Yeah, that has been enough animal planet for one me xD.
10 years ago
I love attack on titan
and im neutral about mikasa
things i dislike about her :
shes very strong with a huuuge potential and all she does is running around stupid Eren. yeh i dislike Eren.
also it gave me a feeling shes not developed as other characters like Armin, Jean and in the future Ymir and Krista.
she supposed to be 2nd leading role , but feels like shes this supporting role for Eren.
even Armin fulfilling his potential, maybe not the best fighter , but his mind sharp!
and Mikasa is all about Eren here and Eren there .... Eren, Eren everywhere!
I would like to see her more in action, she strong as Levi but sit at Eren's bed...
thats why Levi is my fav -^.^- love him!
10 years ago
People tend to hate on female characters for a variety of reasons... Just a few common examples:

* Not a character personality they like IE tsundere/yandere/aggressive/shy
* Doesn't look attractive to them For example: the breasts are too small
* In their eyes, their character not well developed, flat, etc
* She got in the way of another pairing that the person likes
* No real reason at all, just hating on a character

These are just generic reasons that can apply to the hatred of any female really not just Mikasa but I think that in this case often it would be #2 #3 and #4:

2. Because so many people expect F and G sized breasts and an impossibly slim waist, well there is a SNK video right here that shows why you shouldn't judge on breasts: www.nicovideo.jp/watch/nm21258971 (It's the 'song of favorite breasts', if you do not have a nicovideo account)

3. Because to someone who doesn't pay much attention she seems like only a complete freak about Eren, but you know, thats like saying that Hanji is only crazy about titans or that Levi is an uncontrollable cleanfreak; it's just a single part of their character

4. People such as Eren/Annie, Eren/Levi fans often hate and bash Mikasa because she represents a 'threat' to their relationship. Such as in fanfiction, sometimes Mikasa is portrayed as an evil hag, so that everyone hates her... I think, IF YOU DO NOT LIKE HER, DO NOT WRITE HER. Just kill her off, or have her leave on a mission, or even spend time with a love interest such as Jean or Annie so that she is not a main character... No need to bash a character! Same for all characters.

What I think about Mikasa:

I don't really care so much about all of the love/hate Mikasa. I don't mind her! I'm writing a Fanfiction myself right now, I plan to do many POV's of many characters, like Mikasa, even 'Hitch' of the MP, and Auruo, who I don't hate but don't like much either (tongue biter... so uncool!)

But I'll never bash a character, no matter how much I hated them. I'd just write them as themselves, probably only as a side character. Or MAYBE as an enemy. But I'd make whatever evil thing they were doing, in character for them. Don't change the characters for the story, change the story for the characters.

Sorry, somehow this got into a rant about stuff that doesn't make much sense.

To sum up my long, ranting post:

Probably a dislike due to an opinion of a 'lackng or bad character/personality', or because she gets in the way of their OTP... Ie, Annie/Eren, Levi/Eren, etc.

As for Mikasa. She is just there. She's fine by me, I don't really care either way about her.
10 years ago
ok... lemme see some facts, mikasa is pretty, smart, strong, and has that sexy abs
it just natural the haters are just jelly
especially those sexy abs XD
10 years ago