Comments Ryougi Shiki 1/7 (GSC) vs 1/8 (Kotobukiya)

I have been wondering about the 1/7 and 1/8 scale would make the combination ugly.
Since your review, I am very satisfied about the unequal standards of these 2 companies.
So I will collect them both and place in one scene.Thank you for your review.
8 years ago
This review is amazing. It is one of the best reviews I've seen. Not many people do comparison reviews, and way too few do it well. This was GREAT!!!!
9 years ago
My favorite is that of the GSC!! but I appreciate that the koto ^__^
9 years ago
I actually prefer the Kotobukiya version because of it's wonderful pose. However if anybody were to make another figure of Shiki it should definitely be one featuring that wonderful Kimono she was wearing in Mirai Fukuin.

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9 years ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
I prefer GSC's version as well. If Koto had made her in her red kimono, or literally any other one, I'd probably be more inclined to get it, but I just think these two are too similar.
Your review is great though! A Shiki DD would be nice :D
9 years ago
I think I prefer the GSC version. Mainly because I like the facial features better and think the finish on the kimono looks more beautiful. In a perfect world we would get the KTB fïgure with GSC quality, hair color, kimono finish, less lean and facial features. Regardless they look good side by side and complement One of my TM shelfs really well =3
Thanks for the review, I really like you went out of your way to look up the art IT is most prob based on.

Those Sakura trees are gorgeous, makes me wish I was in DC right now.
9 years ago
I kind of want the kotobukiya version actually. But i will have to see the movies first. I know I know I will get around to it!
9 years ago
Shiki is a leaner whether is forward lean or back lean, she has it all!!! Maybe later she will come up with side lean....
9 years ago
Ruttsu Offline
Nice review/comparison article, they both look nice, there are a few things I hate don't like about these versions, but I already have GSC's version, and Koto's version is also nice and getting cheaper with time, maybe I'll buy it someday, right now my priority is to buy one or both Banpresto Ichiban Kuji versions (each about the same aftermarket price as Koto's Shiki), IMO they look a lot more like the Shiki I know from the movies than these.
9 years ago
Keripo 「ケリポ」
Yoruhime9 years ago#2055583Thanks for the review!
Even though I think the GSC version's face/hair is more accurate to looking like Shiki, I prefer dynamic poses way more. I really hope to pick up Koto's Shiki in the future.
Any opinions about her backward lean? I think earlier in the comment page, some people felt that she was leaning a bit too back (compared to the protoype).

I really dislike GSC's forward lean in this second release (in the review is one pic directly from the side). The forward lean gives the figure a downward look so if you try to look at it from am eye level, it doesn't look straight back. I did try heating up the ankles with a hair dryer and bending it back but to little success. I never owned the original, but instead had a bootleg prior but even the bootleg stood up straight and looked better.

As for Kotobukiya's, yes, there's a slight backwards lean, but I don't mind it. It makes the figure look more balanced from the side and I actually think I'd necessary so that the face shows up more in the looking over the shoulder shots from the back. I am also displaying her on the second tier shelf in my Detolf, so she's slightly below eye level anyway, making the slight upward face direction a good thing.

9 years ago