Comments Cats, magical girls, and a tired flight home.

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I know it's too late to ay because 4 years ago..but how I missed this? xD Welcome back..long time.. xD orz
Wow your loots are sooo lovely!! xD this strap blue rose is really melt my heart I hope this is good useful to you! c:
I can't stop giggle at your baby cute cat in last pic. xDD it's too cute. xD
7 years ago
welcome back! I have missed seeing you around! <3
12 years ago
jiejie on ice
Welcome back kilani! It's nice to see your posts all around the site again.

Nice loot, and nice cat too.
I really like your idea of making the strap into a necklace. Now I just need to remind myself that I don't actually wear necklaces before I go crazy and buy those straps too >_<

(Everyone's commenting on how nice the layout is..... seems like it's broken in my browser. Time to update?)
12 years ago
How long is it? I've only been watching Persona 4 so far recently, so I may have time for it... =3
12 years ago
kilani Sayaka Rank
@strife: Yeah the worst experience I've had was with phone straps >_< mine are all in pretty bad shape now, at least the cloth ones. I don't use the figure ones, that's just scary! So I would never want to use keychains and stuff, depending on the material anyway.

@twill: Haha I have the same problem keeping up with anime! I try but it's very hard, especially when you don't have much free time. Plus I've gotten a lot more into video games lately when it concerns free time. Not much amazing anime lately. Yeah, it's a shame that Madoka can't be experienced in all it's glory as it was when it aired. It was amazing tracking everything with people and seeing all of the theories, etc.

Glad to hear that! If you like Gosick, you might want to check out Dantalian no Shoka as well. It has a similar setting and is episodic as well, I enjoyed it quite a bit after the first episode.

Ah hehe thank you! I would love to see what all of you come up with in your blog layouts ^^ it's always inspiring and fun to see what others can come up with!

@wildstar: Thank you!

Hahahaha, I hate that guy!

@arnd: Hi dear, thank you! Hehe that's very sweet of you to say. I'm glad it's not applicable to this type of blog though ^^

Of course! I am a very DIY/crafty person so I always look at things and think "what can I make out of this?" haha. I think most phone straps would make a cute something or other. Now I kind of want to take apart a cospa strap and see what I can do with it.. hmm..

Did you have any plans for them?

Hahaha she loooves it, although the trip up was a bit hard on her. She started panting which I had never seen her or any other cat do before, I almost cried. It's really hard for me to handle seeing my pet in pain. It turns out to just be an action caused by stress though, but at the time I was really worried about her. I worry very easily about the things I love ehe.

Thank you! I'll try to post them often, and little blurbs or some such as well. Hopefully they will be interesting/useful ^^

@fychanyan: Hehehe thank youu <3

Ah thanks! I kind of hate my custom list layouts lol but this one I'm proud of, it was a lot of effort though and by the end of it I was like "finally!". At least bbcode is nowhere near as frustrating as html. "That one fking backslash!!" hahaha.

Hehe thank you! I think it would go really nicely with my new spring dress especially ^^ I wish I could of gotten the other ones but maybe I will be able to someday. Especially would like Bunny, Tiger & Sky High ^^

Ah it's going to take me foreeeeeeeeeeeeever lol will have to leave out the fancy coding there! I took a pic of every single item so no one will feel left out ^^ I know, man, doujin can be addicting! This one madoka doujin I got has the most adorable piece of artwork I've ever seen on the back cover. I can't wait to show everyone!

Will PM you that info now!

@pdackers: Why thank you very much!

Hahaha yes, so so so much. I have the net on my phone but it's pretty limited in what I can do. My interest in other hobbies have gained a lot thanks to reading certain blogs while I was away.

Thank you, I'll try!

@celtic: Ah thank you sweetie ^^ Ah my gosh you will love the series! It's so great, you must watch it! What are you waiting for? Drop everything else and go for it! Hehe thank you!
12 years ago
So glad to see you back! You write nice posts, I enjoyed reading this one and seeing what you got. Love your loot. I need to see Tiger and Bunny still! Making that strap into a necklace was a very nice idea.
12 years ago
Absolutely wonderful post, I love your format and photo quality.

Always annoying to be offline for a period of time due to moving. Feels good to be back online, doesn't it? :-P

Anyway, welcome back and keep up the great posts!
12 years ago
Heya kilanini, welcome back again X33

Really cute blog post, loved how you formated it (just how I love your custom lists).

I ordered that same mousepad!! I'm desperately in need of one for the past months... Too bad it'll probably only arrive in January :(

Also, those phone straps are lovely. I actually thought they were necklaces when I first saw them... So I approve of your idea of using them as one!!

Looking foward to the proxy post X3 I received my first LSB proxy order from Spizzy this week, I was really really impressed with the quality!
12 years ago
4Arnd 4ア一ンド
Hello kilani and welcome home. I'm missing the "Interesting" -button on your blog, I surely would have clicked on it. :-)

I had my eye on some of these "phone straps" and cases as well and was wondering if they could be used for other purposes. Thank you for sharing this little insight. :-)

How did "meow" take your move? I hope she settled into the new home as well.

Looking forward to your tutorial blogs. (^.^)
12 years ago
Welcome back.

So, what you badly needed in life was Madoka? No. What you badly need is Kyuubey! Make a contract with him and become a ma-- you know the drill.
12 years ago