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Kimm134SayaKimm134Saya8 years ago
To my side, my noble einherjar!

Three weeks ago, my third set of orders from Japan finally arrived. I know, I'm too lazy to write this in time. :P

You can read about my first and second haul here:

This package is actually the smallest out of all my previous orders. It's just one big box! I feel really proud of myself after being able to resist buying everything I want. Nevertheless, the package is still pretty hefty. It weighed around 12kg. And with such size and weight comes customs fees. Nothing new about that.


Without further ado, let's proceed with the items!

Here's a photo of them after having been taken out of the box:


Let's start with the usual Persona and Shin Megami Tensei items. As most of you might already know, SMT items mainly dominates my collection. Even though it's less popular than most anime and games that the majority of people here are a fan of, I found myself committing to this franchise a very therapeutic and self-fulfilling hobby.

First is a loose set of SMT demons, including Black Frost (ITEM #122883), Mokoi, (ITEM #122903), Mothman (ITEM #122885), Loki (ITEM #83755), and Beelzebub (ITEM #83754).


Even though these figures are second-hand, it's still quite difficult to pass on these, particularly Beelzebub. None of the figures include their original bases; hence, Black Frost, Mokoi, and Mothman will not be able to stand on their own. Mothman also has one of his antennae missing. Loki is as good as new since he is not missing anything. Beelzebub is definitely the gem in this set. It is impossible to find him at a good price. To see one, even without the base, support stand, and two missing wings, is still considerably lucky. At least I'll have some figures I can easily display without having to worry much about their condition. Besides, I already have boxed duplicates of them.

Next is a set including Chie Satonaka (ITEM #92552), Rise Kujikawa (ITEM #99616), and Nanako Dojima (ITEM #99615) by Taito.


Actually, I'm really fed up with the multitude of released Persona 4 figures. I would rather have more characters from the other Persona and SMT games, but they just won't stop milking the P4 cow. Out of these three, I would probably just keep Nanako. I'll just sell the other two.

As I just said, there are too many P4 figures. The next set of items is the complete set of Taito figures released for Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena. It includes Yu Narukami (ITEM #131132), Yosuke Hanamura (ITEM #131133), Chie Satonaka (ITEM #131135), Yukiko Amagi (ITEM #131131), Kanji Tatsumi (ITEM #131136), Naoto Shirogane (ITEM #131134), Teddie (ITEM #145149), Rise Kujikawa (ITEM #145148), Aegis (ITEM #123386), and Elizabeth (ITEM #145147).


This huge set came loose. I've actually seen them before, and wanted them because they are really well-made. I really fancy Aegis, Elizabeth, Yu, Kanji, Chie, and Naoto, in order. The only thing I hate about this set is the designer's stupid idea for a base. You can arrange them in any way you want; however, the large and irregular bases take too much space for convenience. Also, there are angles where the figures don't look like the characters at all, except some. Anyway, I also plan to sell this set first to compensate for my expenses. I plan to buy them again in the future. Hopefully, I see a boxed set.

That's it for the SMT and Persona. Relatively smaller than my previous hauls, but still a lot.

The next figure is from an anime I really loved in high school, Blood+. This is a figure of Saya Otonashi and Haji.


Blood+ is one of my favorite anime. Plus, it has a really great soundtrack. But the best thing about it is the protagonist, Saya. I really fell in love with her character in high school; thus, after finding and buying this figure, you could just imagine how happy I felt. Albeit, the figure is not as good as I expected, it's still nice to own something I was highly affected with growing up. By the way, Haji is missing his ponytail. I don't know why. Bummer.

Another favorite PS2 game of mine is Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time. In my previous haul, I already bought a Fayt figure by Kotobukiya. This time, I bought Koto's Roger S. Huxley (ITEM #5040).


Roger is just too cute in this figure; however, if you are to play the game, he is actually much more reckless and arrogant.

Then, I also a bought a Fayt Leingod trading arts (ITEM #4761).


As you can see, his face is pretty much disappointing. It's like a blurred image, or a face with blotches of black ink. But the rest of his body is quite good. I like the sheen of armor as well as his wings. They could have done a better job with him, though.

Furthermore, arguably the best part of this haul is the Valkyrie Profile figures! Valkyrie Profile is a candidate for my favorite PS1 game. I played it in 2nd grade, and kept replaying it until college. The character, music, graphics, story, and everything really caught me. Plus, it's loosely based on Norse mythology! You might already know how a mythology junkie I am. :)

The first set of VP items in this haul includes some items from the special boxed edition of Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria in Japan. You can see in the photo a thin booklet of Valkyrie Profile art as well as an alternative cover for your VP2 PS2 case. There is also a soundtrack including some music from the game. But the rarest piece in this set is the limited edition Silmeria figure (ITEM #3355).


Unfortunately, some of the items are not in the database of MFC, which is very disappointing for me given that I prefer to have items in an orderly manner. :/

But who cares about Silmeria if you have the rest of the VP: Lenneth gang to let it be "engraved upon your soul! Divine assault! Nibelung Valesti!" This set of trading arts struck a good amount of childhood in me when I finally opened them. This fantastic collection includes Lucian (poorly made and looks like a beggar) (ITEM #2042), Arngrim (and his outrageous sword) (ITEM #2041), Lezard Valeth (a favorite character of mine whose name I often use to name my characters in various games) (ITEM #2039), Freya (oh, beautiful Freya) (ITEM #2043), and Lenneth Valkyrie (make me an einherjar) (ITEM #2044).


And that's it for this haul!

Here is a complete photo showing all the items from this haul:


I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think below!
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Awesome! I really like the persona figures, they look so good together. And I'm totally envious of the Valkyrie Profile figures.
8 years ago
Acid088 years ago#3172658Nice loot! I got that Black Frost figure not too long ago, took quite a while to track him down! I see some of the other SMT demons pop up on AmiAmi pre-owned fairly often but never him.

Black Frost is nice, but I personally think Mokoi is the best among the three. I'm just happy to finally own all the Furyu figures, and sad at the same time since they've decided to stop future production of more demons.

8 years ago
AppleNapoleon8 years ago#3172598I seem to be looking in the wrong places as I've been chasing those Arena figures for a while :( But I did manage to snag a Mother Harlot off AmiAmi, which is exciting!

I just sent you a PM. :)
8 years ago
Krakolio8 years ago#3172841Where did you buy the Valkyrie Profile figures? I've really wanted to buy them for a while now but have been avoiding eBay in fear of fakes. Please tell me!

Go for them! They might cost pretty high, but they're worth it (except Lucian). I'm pretty sure there aren't bootlegs of the VP trading arts. Note, however, that the ones released in Japan are packaged in small boxes and need to be assembled, while others are packed in the similar packaging as Simeria.
8 years ago
godofwar78 years ago#3172400You have good tastes. :)

I was just able to play great games growing up. :)
8 years ago
Riesz8 years ago#3171952Very cool :) I have those Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile trading figures too. For how old they are, and how tiny they are, I don't think the quality is bad at all. Also be aware that bootlegs exist of those trading figures, so just something to watch out for. Always good to see another Valkyrie Profile fan :) Grats on your loot!

Double-checked, triple-checked! These figures are as authentic as they can get! :) I've completed the VP trading arts set already; although the Alicia that I have is the ivory version. As for the Star Ocean trading arts, I'm not really interested with Sophia. I just want Jack Russell to go with my Ridley Silverlake. Since I'm also a huge fan of Radiata Stories. :)
8 years ago
Where did you buy the Valkyrie Profile figures? I've really wanted to buy them for a while now but have been avoiding eBay in fear of fakes. Please tell me!
8 years ago
Nice loot! I got that Black Frost figure not too long ago, took quite a while to track him down! I see some of the other SMT demons pop up on AmiAmi pre-owned fairly often but never him.
8 years ago
PrincessGravity let's live our lives heroically
Kimm134Saya8 years ago#3171849You can fiand Persona figures pretty easily!
It's against the rules to talk about sales here. :P

I seem to be looking in the wrong places as I've been chasing those Arena figures for a while :( But I did manage to snag a Mother Harlot off AmiAmi, which is exciting!
8 years ago
You have good tastes. :)
8 years ago