Comments Review- Selvaria Bles

Hey, I might be late for this, but the one that I found has the 'Vertex' logo on top of its box, but no 'Dwell'. Does that mean it's fake? Everything else looked similar when compared, just the 'Dwell' logo missing.
4 years ago
Nice review! :)
7 years ago
Yeah, I took those pictures with my phone since I don't have a good quality camera. :( I tried taking the pictures with my ipad, but that was only worst and the pictures are like 3x bigger for some reason. I tried taking multiple close up shots trying to get the best image, but it seems my phone camera quality get worsts when I do that and sometimes I accidentally move when taking shots. Yeah the last picture was definitely the best since it was a faraway shot and I forgot you can crop the images to do close ups. I'll do that next time. Thanks. :D
7 years ago
Photo hint: Seems like you're not using a top-notch camera. Maybe these are from your phone? The pictures are okay, but next time when taking close up pictures I recommend trying to focus the picture correctly (now they were blurry and mushy), or just take the photos from further away, like the last picture of the whole Selvaria was really good. If you use the further away trick you can crop the pictures on your computer or even highlight the spot you want to refer to.

Still I think this was a good review and presents the figure really well, so thank you for posting it! :)
7 years ago