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OppaFaustusStyleOppaFaustusStyle6 years ago
I'm back with another Loot post! ^^

I meant to post this sooner, but things were a little hectic this past week.
Since I had some free time today, I thought I'd post this now.
Better late than never, right? xD

This loot was for the months of September and October~

I'll follow the same format I used for my first loot post.

Warning : I received a few more items than I originally expected, so this post may be picture heavy.

September 3rd
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The first item I received in the month of September was :


Alter's 1/8th Scale Figure of Saruhiko Fushimi

I was so happy that I was finally able to purchase this figure. He is so beautiful and has amazing details.

September 12th
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September 12th brought my first Nendoroid of the month.
That Nendoroid was none other than :


Yagen from Touken Ranbu! :D
I'm really happy I decided to purchase him, especially since I've really been enjoying Touken Ranbu Hanamaru lately.

Plus, I think Yagen is really cute~


September 20th
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I was pleasantly surprised with the package I received on September 20th. It contained a few figures that were delayed.


Yup. All Nendoroids! xD
Doudanuki from Touken Ranbu, Clear from DRAMAtical Murder, Kenma from Haikyuu!!, and Saitama from One Punch Man


I love the little Kuroo kitty that came with Kenma ;u;

While I don't ship Noiz with Clear, I thought it would be a cute/good idea to pose them like this since I posed Aoba and Koujaku holding hands.


September 22nd
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I was debating whether or not to order this figure, since I haven't had the chance to actually play the game.
But I decided to give in and order him anyway.
Hopefully I'll be able to purchase the game for Christmas...


It's the Majora's Mask version of Link (:

I do think he's really cute, and I love all the accessories he comes with.
It definitely gives me a reason to buy and play the game as soon as I get a little extra spending money ^^


October 3rd
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I was extremely surprised and excited for the figure I received on October 3rd.
Originally, I wasn't expecting him until sometime in February since I ordered him from Tokyo Otaku Mode.
But luckily, TOM received him earlier than expected.
Still, I was very shocked (and happy) when I got an e-mail stating that he had shipped.

That figure was :


Izaya Orihara - Psychedelic 1/8th Scale ! >w<

Now... I've always been on Team Shizuo. I call Shizuo my number one Husbando. I love Shizuo.

But I have to admit : This figure of Izaya is extremely gorgeous, handsome, beautiful, etc.
He's definitely one of my favorite figures that I own.



October 14th
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On October 14th, I received my last Nendoroid of the month.


Hotarumaru from Touken Ranbu

This Nendoroid is so adorable!
My pictures don't exactly do him any justice, since the flash on my camera isn't exactly the best.
He's a LOT cuter in person, no doubt about it (:


October 19th
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The next item I received was a particular anime series I was looking forward to :


Aoharu X Machinegun

The English Dubbing of this series actually wasn't bad at all.
I really loved Yukimura's and Matsuoka's voice actors.
Hotaru's voice, however.... eh... I definitely prefer her Japanese voice.

Overall, though, Sentai Filmworks did a good job on this series.

October 21st
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I honestly planned on purchasing this item at a later date, but I found him for a very reasonable price and from a reputable seller. So I decided not to wait.
That item was :


Alter's Misaki Yata 1/8th Scale Figure

Again, I was really happy when I received him.
Just like Fushimi, he has amazing details and looks absolutely stunning.
They look especially nice posed together ~


October 25th
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The final item for this loot post was an impulse buy.
But I definitely don't regret it.


A Hakuoki Mousepad ^^

I needed a new mousepad, and didn't think twice when I saw this available for a relatively cheap price.
Plus, I love Hakuoki. So that just fueled my impulsiveness xD

That's the end of this post ^^
Like I said before, I did receive more than I was originally expecting.
So I apologize if this post is image heavy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
I'll definitely post more in the future, so until then~ (:
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medusoid6 years ago#16091638Majora's Mask is probably the best Zelda game to date. Get it as soon as you can. :)

I definitely will ^^ My one friend is a huge Legend of Zelda fan, and she said the same thing about Majora's Mask.
6 years ago
Maakie6 years ago#16081659Lots of really nice stuff! Never heard of Aoharu x Machinegun, but sounds like something that could be to my liking, I will watch it! :)

Thank you!
I definitely recommend it. Aoharu X Machinegun was a better series than I originally expected. I really wish there was a second season, though ^^
6 years ago
SkyBlue6 years ago#16051561So many lovely boys~♡ Thanks for sharing :D

You're welcome xD
Thank you for reading! (:
6 years ago
shiroiusagi6 years ago#16050461Nice loot :)

Thank you ^^
6 years ago
Majora's Mask is probably the best Zelda game to date. Get it as soon as you can. :)
6 years ago
Lots of really nice stuff! Never heard of Aoharu x Machinegun, but sounds like something that could be to my liking, I will watch it! :)
6 years ago
So many lovely boys~♡ Thanks for sharing :D
6 years ago
Nice loot :)
6 years ago
AdrienAgreste6 years ago#16040283AHHHHHHHHHHH you got Hotaru i really really want him. I'm hoping to buy his nendo and scale as my Christmas presents next month <_< i already did my shopping for family xD
awesome loot!!!!

Ah, Christmas. I'm not ready for Christmas at all yet xD I usually do my Christmas shopping on Black Friday, or just wait until last minute. Really whenever my Mom is ready to go shopping, since I usually go with her.
But I can assure you that Hotarumaru's Nendoroid and Scale will be amazing Christmas presents! (: I just got his scale a few days ago, and he's really cute. He seems a little shorter than an average 1/8th Scale, but he's worth every penny. So is his Nendoroid form c:
Thank you! ^^
6 years ago
AHHHHHHHHHHH you got Hotaru i really really want him. I'm hoping to buy his nendo and scale as my Christmas presents next month <_< i already did my shopping for family xD

awesome loot!!!!
6 years ago