Comments Kouwan Seiki – Kantai Collection – 1/8 WHS Exclusive REVIEW

Thank you for this review! I'm so impressed with her quality, but also skipped out on her for reasons other users said: she is expensive and quite small. I still hope to add her to my collection one day. Especially the base is amazing!
5 years ago
She definitely is gorgeous. I was a little let down by her size though. Considering Atago and Prinz are both 1/8th GSC figures that are closer to 1/7th size, and the fact she's kneeling, Seaport feels a bit too small. Add in the fact she's a boss character and should be much larger than Wo or Re, and she definitely seems too small when the three are together. Other than that, I say she's worth it. Her claws and face (those eyes are amazing) are definitely my favorite parts. Now she needs a Hoppou to cheer her up.
5 years ago
Josine6 years ago#22889846But - if she's so big IRL (judging from the piece of runway) - how come this is 1/8 scale? ƪ(•̃͡•̃͡ ƪ

Because the runway is scaled down to her size, not the other way around. They don't use full sized planes, they're the size of larger R/C planes.
5 years ago
But - if she's so big IRL (judging from the piece of runway) - how come this is 1/8 scale? ƪ(•̃͡•̃͡ ƪ
6 years ago
Thank you for the awesome Review! :) I wanted to do one too, but this mentioned all of her strong and beautiful features perfectly. Really good Job.

But I for one still can't decide if she really was worth the heavy price.
Yes, she and her base are really detailed and beautifully sculpted and painted, the box feels noble and special when opening and all in all she is indeed a very pretty figure and fits great with the other abyssals.

Anyhow, when I compare her with other WHS figures, she stays a little behind imo. I also own the WHS Sorceress, Link and Saber Huke Ver. (unfortunalety no other WHS KanColle figure, she's my very first). Saber obviously takes the cake with her base, her height (1/7), her brilliant design and the bonus picture included in this enormous box.
Link has his unusual shading, a great choice of scale (1/7) so he really stands out (and maybe Nintendo had something to do with him being WHS, idk for sure, correct me if I'm wrong).
And Sorceress (also 1/7) has this really solid, heavy base and (like HP MOSTLY) you can see the extra tad of effort to make the pose, paint and sculpt really stand out. And she is kind of cast-off-able. I know they f* up with shipping her while attached to the base, the peg on mine broke, too, but it's an easy, fixalbe mistake that you can't see when displaying her.

When I look at all four together, HP just is a little bit small with her 1/8 scale. That kind of takes away her chance to be the real eye-catcher she deserves to be :(
But the seam lines on her hair are the biggest bother for me. To be exact, I mean the seams from the two strands that frame her face so nicely.
Yes, you have to display her a little bit above eye-level to get the maximum impact, so you don't see the seams so much.... But I honestly expect a 200€+ figure with the tag "Wonderfull Hobby Selection" that praises itself with superb quality, to not have those seams :D
And her base is hollow, which is also kind of meh...

Again, this is a beautiful figure and Max Factory did a pretty good job and I still hope for more Abyssals like her, but I don't think she is 100% worth her price, certainly not the insane price now, post-release.

Sorry for the rant, tho ^^' But this bothered me....
6 years ago
Rycat220 #1 BRS Fan
PineappleTheDuck6 years ago#22882099Crazy stuff here! One question, what kind of camera do you have?

Embarrassinginly iam just using my phone camera. I cannot afford a hardcore camera right now but my phone seems to do the trick for now!
6 years ago
She looks waifu! Can't wait to get mine.
6 years ago
Crazy stuff here! One question, what kind of camera do you have?
6 years ago
Awesome review dude! Nice photos as well :)
6 years ago
Rycat220 #1 BRS Fan
BlackLemon6 years ago#22879888Thanks for the review! I really like the way the claws turned out. Eyelashes are also pretty unique, so that's cool.
If it isn't too much trouble, could you take photos of her next to other 1/8 and 1/7 scales? I think one of the general concerns for this figure is that she is very small for the price.

Hey there! Thanks for the comment!
No trouble at all! I only own 2 other of the Abyssal girls, i have added the photos to the bottom of the review for size comparison.

Enjoy and i hope this helps!
- Ry
6 years ago