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Villainess88Villainess883 years ago
Hello again, everyone!♡

It's been a while, but here's an update on my collection after 1 year! In this diary I'll talk about some of my figure highlights from this year, and will show you some close-ups of the collection. (✿◠‿◠)




Here's some pictures of my collection with the LED lights and in natural light. I prefer the new LED lights over my old ones as they illuminate the figures nicely- and they can change colors! I also have some matching art of Kiss-Shot and Shinobu above the shelves that you can kind of see in the picture.

Detolf 1

Purple Themed

Monogatari Shelf

Gacha Girls

Illya & Chloe

For Detolf 1, I had a theme for each shelf. The Monogatari Shelf is my favorite shelf at the moment! I love the unique desk/table bases for Kiss-Shot and Hanekawa, and all in all the figures fit really well together. I plan on adding one more figure to complete this shelf, so hopefully by the next update it will be done.

Eldridge is my favorite figure right now! Although it was kind of hard to assemble her since I was so nervous about breaking her, she looks really cool with her rigging. I'm glad to have her as a figure now instead of just seeing her in the game!♡ Shuten is another highlight for me. Her paint work was so clean, and she just looks awesome with her oni look and sake.

Detolf 2

Top Shelf

Nendo Shelf

Kimono Shelf

Bottom Shelf

For Detolf 2, I tried to keep a theme for each shelf. The first shelf I tried to aim for a "classy" vibe. I was pretty excited for each of those figures, and I'm glad to see they work together. Everyone looks so elegant and dressed up! (✿´‿`)

My nendo shelf was another highlight from this year! The shelf is getting a bit crowded and I definitely need more room, but it's cool seeing everyone together. At the front I have Gudako and Merlin.♡ I was so happy to FINALLY get Merlin in-game this year, and it was perfect that my friend gifted me Gudako. After that I knew I had to pair them together.~

In closing...

Thank you for taking the time to read through my update! When I looked back at last year's diary, I realized that my collection has changed so much. (・о・)! I'm really happy with these changes and am looking forward to what the upcoming year will bring! Maybe next year I'll also include a room tour since I have other cool anime merch around my room.~

Have a happy new year everyone, and happy figure collecting!(◡‿◡✿)
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spinners_grove3 years ago#73017098Ooooh! What a lovely collection. I really like your kimono shelf, but honestly you just have great taste across the board. :)

Thank you!^^
3 years ago
BHEITHIR3 years ago#73014209What a great collection! Love the Kimono Shelf so much!

Thank you~ !
3 years ago
evenstar883 years ago#72959667Beautiful display!

Thank you so much! :D
3 years ago
konakona713 years ago#72959470Looks really neat and clean! As a Shinobu fan I really like the prints up top as well.
I'll be looking forward to a room tour in the new year.

Thanks!:D I'm excited to post the room tour for 2020. I'll try to get a full closer picture of the Shinobu prints as well~
3 years ago
galablue3 years ago#72959465my favorite shelf is probably your purple shelf. i just got some hue lighting to put in to my collection and i'm so excited to change the colors! my dad's gone pretty crazy with putting it together so ... yeah, i am definitely inspired by your collection.
also it's nice to see that hanekawa figure on display, she's one of my favorite characters.

Thank you! I'm glad my collection could be an inspiration.:) That's awesome you got some hue lighting too! And ahh yess, Hanekawa is the best <3
3 years ago
Scones3 years ago#72959421Love the kimono shelf, and the Monogatari figures. Nice collection!

Thank you! :D
3 years ago
Itachi_Uchiha1123 years ago#73014544This collection looks lovely and the display with the new light is Beautiful.I have a question though.What's the name of the first shelf with the lights that you have?

Thank you so much!:D The first shelf is called the Purple Shelf. I'm using the Nexlux RGB LED light strip from Amazon with the purple lighting setting.
3 years ago
diaeons3 years ago#72959404your collection is so cute, neat and organised I love it :D
I'm thinking of doing theme-shelves in my detolf's but there's not too many who pair up right other than being from their respective series (Fate, Love Live/Sunshine & Madoka >>) so seeing your setup is a big inspiration!

Thank you! Glad my setup could be an inspiration :) Hope to see your collection on MFC as well!
3 years ago
Ooooh! What a lovely collection. I really like your kimono shelf, but honestly you just have great taste across the board. :)
3 years ago
This collection looks lovely and the display with the new light is Beautiful.I have a question though.What's the name of the first shelf with the lights that you have?
3 years ago

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