Liking a character whose source you haven't check?Liking a character whose source you haven't check?Polls

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MLMjpMLMjp3 years ago
Basically, there is a character from a certain media that you like/enjoy/love/adore but you haven’t checked the original media where she/he cames from. You may like him/her for the design or appearance, the personality, backstory, lore, abilities...etc. And you learnt about him/her from all kinds of different sources EXCEPT the original source material or an adaptation of it, because by that rule, a lot of characters fit that category since you only have seen the anime and not read the original manga/novel, so those adaptations can be considered "original sources" also you don’t have any plans to check that original source for whatever reason.
Here we have a few examples by yours truly:

Jeanne Alter from FGO (ENTRY #107551), I will never play the game. I dislike gacha and I have better things (collectibles) to expend money on, but being part of one of my favorite anime franchises, of course I investigated FGO to know about the servants, the lore, the story, etc (And now I have an extensive knowledge of the game despite not playing it). I also watched some informative videos, as well as gameplay, and the few anime adaptations (but Jeanne alter is not featured in those). And of course, fanarts and fan comics also played a big role in me starting to like the character.

And that´s how I came to love Jeanne d´Arc Alter. I really like how she is portrayed as an edgy, sharp tonged, “evil” mega tsundere (well not exactly, but you get the idea). Her character design is very sexy, and I especially like her Shinjuku outfit. I’m definitely getting her Nendoroid (ITEM #867973) at some point and I am debating whether or not to get a scale figure.

Belfast (ENTRY #154659) from Azur Lane, again another gacha game I will never play, but I freaking love Belfast. Top notch design that hits the right points for me, and thanks to some clips of the Azur Lane anime adaptation (I doubt I will watch the entire anime) I can appreciate her personality.

An absolutely gorgeous scale figure in her wedding dress has been announced (www.amiami.com/...)(not MCF compatible unfortunately) and at first I thought she was out of my league, but there is a whole year until she is released and the price isn’t as high as I thought it would be, so maybe, just maybe I will bit the bullet, for a beauty like that…

But what I really want is a figure in her regular maid outfit and seems that (ITEM #990217) would be like that. No prototype yet but I always keep an eye on that entry…

Shielder/Mash Kyrielight (ENTRY #87933)(going back to FGO) now this is kinda cheating cause unlike Jalter she has appeared in all FGO anime adaptations so I know more about her than the others. But I will take the opportunity to talk about some of her figures.

The cute kohai has two of her most famous figures (ITEM #674830 & ITEM #532982) getting a re-release, and I am very tempted to preorder the limited version, I would prefer the fully armored version but the smiling face and the price of the limited version say otherwise (If only they had just made one figure with interchangeable parts,I would gladly pay a high price for it). Or maybe I should just get a cheaper and smaller alternative like ITEM #946123 or ITEM #1044544. Or just get the Nendoroid. You guys will probably suggest me to get the scale anyway...

PD: Are the Mash stronger figures some kind of limited re-release? I ve only found them on amiami and a few other minor online retailers! I've even found her for preorder (and more expensive) in stores based in my country! Why other popular stores like Hobby Search or Hobby Link Japan don´t have them?! I rather preorder her through HLJ as a possible cancelation would hurt less than doing it through amiami.

Anyway, you get the general idea, so... What about you? Any characters you
enjoy but you haven’t checked out the source material where they came from? Do you want figures of them? Do you already have some?

PD: Hatsune Miku and Vocaloids do not count as they don’t really have a “story” behind them.
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Everything I own from Victory, Gundam SEED, and Turn A falls in this category. Turn A is probably good, just haven't had time to watch it, but I'm not going anywhere near the other too. The robots look cool, and I'll just leave it at that.
3 years ago
i do that all the time. just to throw in a few examples:

T2 Art works (tony taka) designs

Azune Lane

Queen's Blade

another dimension to think about is how instead of liking the character, i can like the artist or the sculptor instead.
3 years ago
A lot of my newest collection additions come from sources I will never get into. Like you, I'm into collecting Fate although I don't really research the characters. I actually used to watch the anime, but when Zero and UBW came out the fandom got pretty annoying which got me out of Fate. I might watch the FGO anime, but I'm definitely not going to play the games. I also got sucked into Touken whose game I will never touch, but I did watch both animes so maybe that doesn't count anymore. Then there's all the Chinese gacha games out there with awesome character designs. I do think I would like the characters I'm drawn to if I got into their respective series. It's just that VNs and gachas are really boring to me.

Sometimes the figures get me into a series. I fell in love with P5's Joker after seeing the first Koto figure and now I'm going to play Royal even if it is kind of a VN. I already saw the anime and liked that at least. Overlord was the same way. I saw Albedo figures, decided to watch the anime, and am super into it now. Maybe I'll get back into Fate too.
3 years ago
MLMjp3 years ago#83954477Well, the idea is that you became familiar with that character by searching and investigating about him/her, is just that you just won't check the source material where she/he comes from.I'm not on that train. Buying figures because you like the look of them alone is a slippery slope. I think it's much healthier economically to focus your collection on something in particular or get representation for things you already like. It'll also prevent questions such as "Why did I buy this?" down the line.
3 years ago
I'm not into Fate/Grand Order, but I really like some of the servants like Siegfried and Medea.

And I'm really obsessed with the Crypters and their Servants, especially Kadoc and Anastasia. Hell, I went and ordered their figures.
3 years ago
There are characters I like despite never engaging with the original source such as the characters in Kingdom Hearts (not counting the Disney characters as I have watched their movies lol), The World Ends With You and Final Fantasy (FFVII, FFVIII, FFX, FFXIII and FFXV). However, I do read the manga and watch the anime/movie for the above games if they have them. I also do watch the gameplay and read up on their backstories so I get a better idea of who these characters are.

Even then, I don't feel compelled to buy figures of them. Maybe a plushie (Mr.Mew/Nyan-tan in The World Ends With You to be exact) at most. I have to be REALLY into a series (i.e. engaging with the source material) before I consider buying figures of these characters.
3 years ago
I simp big time for Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers, but I've never played a single game from the series. I have this ITEM #6605 figure of her. I was also a big fan of Aerith from FF7 before playing the game just from reading about her. I've since played both the old and new FF7 and I appreciate her character even more. I would love to own a figure of Aerith, I'm just not a fan of any that exist of her so far.

(For Jeanne Alter, I recommend watching a youtube video of cutscenes involving her from the FGO Servant Summer Festival event if you ever have spare time. It involves the main character helping her compete in a doujin drawing contest. She is SUPER tsundere and hilarious in the event, I was neutral to her before playing that event and now I love her character.)
3 years ago
Julia125 Kyojuro Rengoku's Wife
MC3 years ago#83912973Myethos figures are generally avaiable in all japan shop (amiami, hlj, bij...), except for China exclusives. NetEase's, on other hand, seems more diffucult to find... I've seen them only on Taobao, but you have to be extra careful and pay attention to the reviews/seller evaluations. Also, if you can't read chinese and you don't live in China you better use a Proxy service to purchase.

Yeah, the NetEase ones look gorgeous but I figured they'd be hard to find. I'm probably gonna give up on looking for them but thanks for the info!
3 years ago
Julia125 Kyojuro Rengoku's Wife
iSkadi3 years ago#83948890The official Onmyoji Store is on Taoboa here: onmyoji.world.t...
If you aren't able to buy directly, I recommend using a proxy. I have bought a lot of items from there using a proxy. (They have some events where they give free items with a purchase, I got some really cool sake cups!)
I actually joined the game because of Ibaraki, than fell in love with Shuten as well (his good friend).

Thank you for the site! Probably won't go any further in pursuing them if they're not easily available but thank you anyway! The figures are so gorgeous, if only I could read Chinese lol
3 years ago
I always try my best to get into a series (either from the source material or its adaptations) before buying anything from it. It keeps me in check with potential purchases, because I don't want to buy a figure and then find out later that I really don't like the character or the series.

I think the only characters that I'd break this 'rule' for are ones from Pop'n Music. I've always enjoyed the music and the character designs, but there isn't really a way for me to play the arcade games or import them for a home console.
3 years ago