A "Review" of The Official Berserk DakimakuraA "Review" of The Official Berserk DakimakuraReview

zerogozerogo1 year ago
I did make a video review of this:

If the concept of video reviews are something that hold a negative connotation to you let me say this review is scripted and heavily edited with the purpose of being informative but mostly entertaining. That being said I understand this isn't everyone's thing especially since written reviews are probably the preferable format for articles of this sort (which is also why I usually wouldn't make an article like this) but I assure you self-promotion is only the side motivation for this article.

The main reason I'm making this article is that as of writing this I am the only person on this site who owns this ITEM #736569 (that lists it in their collection), which I think is odd. I can imagine at least a few more people would want something like this since it's rather amusing. In fact I've been looking for one of these since they were first sold at Berserk events years ago. If you were already aware of this what you might not know is that this time around these are finally available for online purchase. So as much as I hate that I'm giving them free marketing here's a link to get it: cutie1.com/en/p... if my understanding is correct these are only available till the 24th which is in two days unfortunately.

If you did not watch the video there are some details I should divulge to you. First of all, you'll need a proxy (unless you live in Japan) to buy from the Cutie 1 site since they don't send outside of Japan. Secondly, the way the pillow is wieldable in the marketing materials is the result of the insertion of a funky tube that does for the most part work but there's a bit of jank to it at least present in my copy. Lastly, I agree with the marketing materials. You should not hit people with this, not because it isn't funny but mostly because again with the tube it isn't great for this purpose.
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sasa1 year ago#103830456Does the link you provided sell the official pillow?It would be pretty weird if their official site sold counterfeits nyugvo61 year ago#103830750been a long time subscriber, didn't know you had an acc here. hope you don't plan to quit anymore.it's getting pretty rough but I'd like to keep doing this as well
1 year ago
I love this review! Definitely the most unique daki I've ever seen haha. The most cuddly sword you'll ever see
1 year ago
been a long time subscriber, didn't know you had an acc here. hope you don't plan to quit anymore.
1 year ago
This review made me put my grasses on.
1 year ago
Does the link you provided sell the official pillow?
1 year ago
aykosan11 year ago#103797882That is one magnificent pillow- is it comfortable to sleep beside?

It's alright
1 year ago
It was too big to be a pillow...

Fun review friend! I've got the pillow too! I just don't have it added on MFC.

I suppose I'll have to so people can start challenging me to dakimakura sword fights.

Sword to sword only though, don't want any injuries. (˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )
1 year ago
That is one magnificent pillow- is it comfortable to sleep beside?
1 year ago
Sublime review! Out of any type of "uncommon" item I'd expect regarding Berserk merch, it wouldn't have been an actual bodypillow, how fun.
1 year ago
This is awesome!!
1 year ago

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