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ReverseLawrenceReverseLawrence2 months ago
I thought I would Share the Tegami Bachi [img][/img]Clear file Front and Back with Everyone. The Illustration on the Front Shows, Lag (Both Young and Teen Versions). Gauche Suede Holding Child Lag, And On The Left side is tween or teen lag. The Illustration for this clear file came from Animedia. The Clear File was Manufactured By Movic and was
sold various times, one release was movics website,
Another the bee gallery and studio pierrots old
Online store.

The back contains text with the series name and a nice purple background.

I am vary proud of this item.

If you would like to get one, the back scan dose have the barcode,
So fell free to use it, so you can get your own.

Front: imgur.com/a/Mk8...

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It looks pretty good! I really like the design and the background
2 months ago
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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