Comments Yay or Nay? : SPY X FAMILY Anya Forger Q Posket

I hate the face and would say I dislike the rest. Very LOL Doll eyes and they creep me out. There are very few Q-Posket I like tbh though. ITEM #1393937 is prob my fav Anya atm.
1 year ago
ClMarshmallow1 year ago#111990261No offense to the creators, but it looks like a curse is gonna fall on to your family if you bring that thing into your home.bro fr thats what i think to
1 year ago
Alice_Zuberg_30 アリス・ツーベルク
I would have to say (in my personal taste and opinion) this is my favorite:

ITEM #1393937

Had no idea of its existence and love it!

I like when figures are faithful to the character design, but Anya is always Anya, therefore always cute ☆
1 year ago
No offense to the creators, but it looks like a curse is gonna fall on to your family if you bring that thing into your home.
1 year ago
Q posket figures are usually very hit or miss for me. They look creepy most of the time. (Those eyes!!!) But the Sailor Moon ones are quite cute.
1 year ago
I've never been a fan of Q Poskets. They don't really do it for me.
1 year ago
1 year ago
mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
I guess let me be the first to say I love Q Poskets. I think this one’s pretty cute especially from the front like in your first pic under the spoiler. I’d definitely make sure to place her at a certain angle on the shelf, but I’d pick one up for my Q Posket collection if it was super cheap.
1 year ago
Hmmmm, it’s not a bad figure, but it’s not something I’d be interested in adding to my own collection. I think I’ll just be sticking to the Spy x Family Nendoroids.
1 year ago
I agree with the opinions below. I personally do not own one, but I think the Q-Poskets for the Disney Princesses (and Sailor Moon) seem good (a little adorable even).

However, overall, I'm not a fan of the Q-Posket line.
Most of them, I find really creepy, actually.

The only one I own is the Inuyasha human form. I only bought it, because I thought there would never be any merch for the human form of Inuyasha. However, since I managed to get the New Moon Ver. Inuyasha Pop Up Parade by GSC, I'm going to sell it.
It never really felt right to me... It's probably my least favourite item from my collection, so, now that I found a "replacement", it has to go.

I also find this Anya Q-posket to be really creepy. It's just... Something about the huge heads and huge/doll-like eyes doesn't feel right to me.
1 year ago