GoW-Kratos & Atreus Ivaldi's Deadly Mist Armor DX-Prime 1 1/4GoW-Kratos & Atreus Ivaldi's Deadly Mist Armor DX-Prime 1 1/4Review

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Rage Into Peace
Kratos is a Spartan who also replaces Ares as the new God of War. After battling it out with the Greek gods, Kratos moves to Midgard and seem to have retired from.. retiring gods. Now with a new family, he has put his past behind him to live a new life in peace. All of that changed when his wife died and they were suddenly exposed to the gods of this realm, the Norse gods. The story tells of Kratos, accepting his past to survive the norse gods putting his strength to the test as well as his son, BOY.. I mean Atreus, slowly learning his godly powers while learning god 101 from dear old dad.

Firstly, i must say, the swap-outs are great. The main difference from the regular version is this includes 2 extra heads, left and right hands with blades of chaos and the matching leviathan axe on the back. The pose is reminiscent of the game. With Kratos fighting side-by-side with Atreus. As expected from a premium collectible the details are exceptional. You can see and touch the textures difference of the armor, clothing and environment. The snow-glazed base looks awesome with runes as well as some plant-life. All weapons look imposing. The skin is almost life -like.

I was lucky to play the old God of war games as well as the one released 2018. And this masterpiece takes me back to both. I remember how I struggled with the new mechanics at first but creating my own combos towards the end. Kratos' ferocity very apparent with this figure as well. I remember the brutality of the games as well as the control and containment of the new one.

This is my only figure of Kratos & never before has my “one & done” looked so satisfyingly epic.
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