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JaninaCollectsJaninaCollects3 months ago
Hi! Thank you for clicking on this article ♡
I‘m writing this to remember what I got every month and maybe you also enjoy reading!
The first one I did was for January 2023, this one’s for February!
There are no completely naked NSFW figure pics in this article but some are slightly NSFW and are marked as spoilers so you can avoid it if you want.

First Figure I unboxed this month is ITEM #1219008
I wanted her since I started collecting since I collect demon/succubus girls.
She was always over 30K yen on Amiami pre owned but I got her for 16K on Mercari and she has no flaws despite a little scratch on a hair strand in the back which is not noticeable when you don’t know it.
I’m very happy with her and excited to start my second demon themed shelf.
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She’s paired up with Liliya right now:

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2023/02/01/3444217.jpeg

Next ones is this cutie, she’s not listed here.
She’s simple but nice and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Got her for 12K yen on pre owned. You can’t go wrong with an adorable cat girl like this.


She’s displayed in my (cat) maid shelf:

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2023/02/02/3445795.jpeg

Third one was this sweet figure of Vert:
ITEM #1513085
To be completely honest, the main reason I got it was the chair.. it’s just so cute! I wanted it for my cozy shelf which she fits in perfectly. I normally don’t like 1/8 figures that much, they’re a bit small for my liking but it doesn’t bother me as much here.



This is how she looks in the cozy shelf:


This is also a month where I got another figure I was searching for for so long. I also collect NGNL figures and this shiro was hard to find for a good price: ITEM #331468
People were selling her on here for 300$ + shipping costs and that was too much in my opinion. If you want to spent that on her that’s fine, it’s just not the price that I wanted to pay. So I got her for 20K on Mandarake in perfect condition, the box was just a bit dented on one Edge which is not a problem for me personally.
I’m thrilled to own her now!



She fitted perfectly into my Main Shiro Shelf:


I also got a 1/4 scale this moth, I don’t own a lot of them but this design was one of my favs she’s very adorable and I like cat girls more then bunny girls. Don’t get me wrong I still love bunny’s but if more 1/4 scales has cat ears…I’d be ordering a lot more.
She turned out great in my opinion, her face is lovely and the base is not unnecessarily big.
I’m showing the shelf she’s displayed in right now later on.

ITEM #1492799



Also got this succubus girly:

ITEM #946194
I’ve written a whole article in here about her since it was my first C-Grade Figure I bought!

BLOG #57471

But I noticed another detail, my figure has blush, the others on here not. Looks like the previous owner gave her cheeks this look, which I’m very thankful about. Makes her look more alive, I’d blushed her if she came in pale. I got her for 14K yen.

She’s in my unholy shelf:



Next one are the Maple and Cinnamon Pups, I normally don’t get a lot of the Pop up parade lines but I think they put effort in Nekopara figures and vtubers so those are some I consider getting.

ITEM #1049247 And ITEM #1049248


This is how they look like in my Nekopara Shelf:


And I got another maid figure, I just really like maids I can’t help it. She’s very heavy and more a 1/6 then 1/7 scale.
ITEM #1241592



She is displayed next to my Skytube Hirose Yuzuha atm:

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This is one of my favorites from this month, she’s a stunner. The details are on point and her dress is gorgeous.
She’s also not listed here:

Girls Frontline 1/7 OTs-​14 Ruler of the Banquet Ver. (APEX)



This is how she looks in my collection right now:


Another adorable addition are these:

ITEM #1668304
ITEM #1668308
ITEM #1668315
ITEM #1668318

My only complaint about them is that you can’t see the purple inside like in the promo pics and they fall over sometimes.
I don’t mind it too much since the price was good.
They are cute decorations for my 1/4 shelves.


View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2023/02/13/3463517.jpeg


February is also my birthday month and I also received some figures from my family and best friend!

Here’s what I got from my mom:
(Also not listed on MFC sadly)

Tea Time Cats Li Hua (Decorated Life Collection) Ribose
Vol. 1 Pastoral Cat



We’re always having breakfast together so this was a perfect fit and I love how unique she is, definitely more a cat then a girl.

My partner gifted me this Miku Pup L: ITEM #1085447

A lot of people didn’t like her circle base but I actually like it more then the hexagon. It’s simple, doesn’t take up a lot of space and has a neutral color. The focus point is on the face and hair anyways in my opinion and they did a good job with both.



More Miku for my collection from my best Friend with this one: ITEM #1550691

This is how they both look in my Miku Shelf:


I really think they both added to it in a positive way!

My family and friends only gift figured that I have ordered anyway so I can also save some money which is nice.

Lastly I also hung up some new posters from figures I’ll inbox next month:
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And that’s it for my month!
What did you get this month or which figure of these did you like the best?

Thank you for reading ♡
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Which figure was your favorite from this loot?

13%Eve Lovecall
8%Aquamarine Shiro
7%Sorai Yuuka
0%Maple and Cinnamon Pup
5%Minamoto Yui
3%Sanrio Kaitai Fantasy
28%Tea Time Cats Li Hua 1
4%Because You’re Here Miku
1%Lonely Sekai Miku Nendo
76 votes


hienle20012 months ago#121705224I really like your haul and your display.It's so organize and well themed for each series.

Thank you so much I’m glad you like my themes and haul <3
2 months ago
I really like your haul and your display.It's so organize and well themed for each series.
2 months ago
marriafn3 months ago#121262229Lovely haul!!, i specially love your second succubus shelf, you have immaculate taste for cute figures

Thank you so much, I can’t wait to add more to this self ♡!
And you also have amazing figure taste!
3 months ago
marriafn ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧
Lovely haul!!, i specially love your second succubus shelf, you have immaculate taste for cute figures
3 months ago
Magicalgirljuni3 months ago#121261789I absolutely love your collection and how you display them, it is one of my favourites ^_^ Eve is such a wonderful figure honestly I love her a lot even if the quality isn't the best.

Ahh thank you so much that means a lot ♡ I also really love your collection, it’s very cute and impressive!
And I agree, it doesn’t bother me too much with her she’s adorable nonetheless.
3 months ago
I absolutely love your collection and how you display them, it is one of my favourites ^_^ Eve is such a wonderful figure honestly I love her a lot even if the quality isn't the best.
3 months ago
AmberWolf083 months ago#121261535I really love your display and collection!! The way you displayed everything is so pleasing! I was just wondering what are those clear risers that you are using?

Thank you so much ♡!
I don’t have a set of risers I buy over and over, I buy a lot of different types of acrylic risers from Amazon and then I built them how it would fit the specific shelf, I sometimes use various ones on top of each other.
I don’t like to use Amazon normally but for risers it’s perfect since the selection of shapes and sizes is huge.
3 months ago
melisketch3 months ago#121261441I'm in love with your shelf theming, so cute and beautiful, every shelf is a joy to see! I got such a kick out of your "Unholy" shelf, I've had ad interest in demon girl figures and this one nun girl, may use your idea for inspiration! XD

Thank you so much that makes me really happy to read ♡!
I think nuns + succubus girls are a nice match, go for it :3
3 months ago
nmutua3 months ago#121261363I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing, your displays look lovely!

Of course, thank you so much for reading and your kind comment ♡!
3 months ago
crabigail3 months ago#121250543Such cute themed displays!! You have a great eye. Thanks for sharing :)

Of course, thank you so much for reading and commenting ♡
3 months ago

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