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LavenderRumLavenderRum3 months ago
Okay gang, what do we think of the creation of Nendoroid Light?

Announced on the release page of ITEM #1886486, GSC states:

"Nendoroid Light is a new Nendoroid series that features "Light" Nendoroids that are more affordable with simpler parts.
The head part and face plate are interchangeable with Nendoroid figures. Enjoy the charm of the "Light" series in your collection!"

Actual item page for your viewing pleasure: goodsmileshop.c...

Stated this in the comment section of said nendo, but I'd be very upset if a character I really loved only came out as a nendo light. Hoping only celebs get this treatment like Mr. Meiko here. But like others in the comment section, I'm feeling a little nervous!


(Also forgot to add link to the previous article where I talked about this topic, hence current article's title.)
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This really just feels like GSC tried to create a cheap solution to the problem they created by jacking up the prices of Nendoroids and axing the Petit line...
3 months ago
No bc seriously what were they thinking. I would go insane if a character I liked finally got a nendoroid, but it was a nendoroid light
3 months ago
this idea stinks
3 months ago
Joining the "I thought this was about Light Yagami-" club

I'm with what another user said: This is just GSC trying to create a new "hot product" that is usually forgotten as soon as it's announced. So what tf are Nendoroid Light anyway? Just bigger versions of the petit nendos then?? Or a more poseable Co-de? I mean I guess it can be nice If it's for characters that GSC knows won't sell, or for characters that people really want but won't get nendos of otherwise.

Maybe just for outfit variants. I'm hopeful.
3 months ago
i dont really see a problem here…? i don’t collect nendoroid myself but i have heard from nendoroid collectors that they have been including less parts anyways for a high price, so at least now they’re cheaper?
3 months ago
soja3 months ago#124807215You mean like this ITEM #1298370 ...but more expensive? XDD Goddammit lmao..
3 months ago
S-Dawg3 months ago#124802357What's next? The new "Nendoroid BOX" line -where for the low low price of 5k yen you get AN EMPTY BOX!

You mean like this ITEM #1298370 ...but more expensive? XDD
3 months ago
bye_myAlone Local Sleepy Girl™
I think my sentiment is what a lot of others have said before but I think GSC in general has taken a turn for quantity over quality. I'm so happy to hear about characters I've waited years for finally getting figures but when it's a Nendo or PUP I feel so,,, apprehensive??? There are some exceptions of course but overall, I just kind of wish they'd focus on perfecting Nendos (Some of my Nendos have really bad errors like crooked torso pegs that I can't fix, weak joints where the limbs literally can't stay on, etc.) over churning out more characters. Even if my favorites from niche series got figures tomorrow I probably wouldn't be as excited as I was years ago.

Also co-de was a cool idea but they've made such odd character/design choices for that line so it's never interested me, and this line has even less appeal. Like if it's going to just be one pose I'll save my money to buy a scale instead, thanks.
3 months ago
What's next? The new "Nendoroid BOX" line -where for the low low price of 5k yen you get AN EMPTY BOX!
3 months ago
soja3 months ago#124781057Thanks, I hate it.
Nendos nowadays cost around 6kYen or more. They were 3kYen not too long ago. GSC already doubled the price, and reduced the parts and quality of each new nendo. And now this "light" garbage. -_-
The IDEA of the nendos is that you can POSE this lil fucker and have different parts and scenes with it and play around with it. This "light" version is totally killing this concept.
Then I can also go buy a random cheaper super deformed figure of the character (if there are any) ...and I don't need a nendo.
They also still have these ugly Sawaccho "sitting" nendos that literally NO ONE is buying. These always end up in the sales section or they have stock for years. It's just not selling.
This light concept is definitely becoming the new sawaccho. -_- damn

Their CEO must be the one pushing these dumb fucking gimmick products to make more money, but they've entirely lost sight of why Nendoroids are successful in the first place. They're looking for something they can produce stupid cheap and still make tons of money with, basically searching for every way they can rip you off like every other greedy corporation. You know how video games are never like a full game anymore and you always have to buy the DLC to get more content? Good Smile is desperately looking for their DLC product while stripping as much from Nendoroids themselves as they can. Annoying.
3 months ago

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