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RaithosRaithos10 years ago
Now I don't usually make a fuss over loot, I'll usually take a picture of what I got and then file it. In this case though a unique set of circumstances (slightly larger than usual tax return and a low yen exchange rate) allowed me to order a little more than I initially thought and allowed me to get some stuff I've been after for a little while. I ended up with a decent loot gain. I felt it warranted a loot post because it has a few figures that have real solid merit to me, and I wanted to share my joy in getting them. So let's get to it:


First up I got this batch on March 12th:


It consisted of:

ITEM #140902

- My coveted Good Smile Company Puella Madoka Magica 1/8 Homura Akemi "You Are Not Alone" 1/8 scaled figure (which I got early off of Mandarake for 12k yen)... (I just couldn't wait, this figure is actually slated for a June 2013 release date but was available at Winter Wonfest). This was a big buy for me because I'm a big fan of Homura, as well as being a great companion piece to the Ultimate Madoka released earlier this year.



-Because Homuras father is Batman.

ITEM #121605

- A nice little Banpresto prize figure (DXF Homura Akemi) to add to my growing Homura collection

ITEM #126225
ITEM #126310

- Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Nendoroid Petit Extension set #2: Featuring Anthony and Walpurgis

ITEM #78290, ITEM #78177, ITEM #94709, ITEM #78181, ITEM #78292, ITEM #78180, ITEM #78178, ITEM #78179, ITEM #78293, ITEM #78294, ITEM #78291

- Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Nendoroid Petit Box (complete set) I was happy to finally get these in as well after I missed them upon their initial release.

Then I got this next batch on March 14th


This consisted of:

- The remaining One Piece Grandline Men figures that I needed to complete the crew (Franky, Brook, and Robin), as well as some extras in the form of Nico Olvia, and Crimin Chopper.



ITEM #110263, ITEM #110264

Banpresto did a really good job on the Robin here. Very nice. the sculpt is clean, the paint is good and her overall presence is great. The way she stands upright with a slight swagger and how it looks like there's a breeze flowing through her hair, excellent! I was very taken aback with this one, great for a small prize dx figure indeed!
Nico Olvia is alright, not much to say about her.



ITEM #63077

Next on the docket is Grandline Men Volume 13 Franky. Again really impressed by the job Banpresto did here. He's excellent! Nice and large with a great paint job. He comes with two alternate heads, one with his long hairstyle, sunglasses and headphones with a big toothy smile and then another head with his shaved buzzcut and a sneer. He looks great either way, but I prefer the long hair. (Just more reminiscent of original Franky). Anyway, very good job by Banpresto here. He's sturdy and pretty top heavy because of the solid mass of PVC he is (what with his torso, large shoulders, and arms.) Fortunately, the base supports him very well and he won't be prone to falling. For an 800-1000 yen prize figure this is downright excellent.



ITEM #109313, ITEM #63076

Here Banpresto does something right again by giving us a wonderful Brook DX figure. And look! He comes with his guitar! Something Megahouse blatantly didn't include with their higher end Portrait of Pirates figure... All that space and no guitar? -.- Still a wonderful size, great sculpt and spot on paint makes this a solid addition to my prize figure collection
This set also includes an alternate costume chopper with a "Crimin" T shirt. Crimin is the clothing line brand created by this little badass right here named Papugg. A talking Rastafarian starfish! But other than his cool shirt, this figure is identical to his Volume 12 counterpart.

ITEM #79104

- The elusive Kyuubey DX Vinyl figure made by Seven Two, I actually bought this from an MFC user awhile back and had just gotten it that day.I was pretty eager to open him (hence why he's in his packaging with no box in the overhead picture)

ITEM #98891, ITEM #121724

- The first Madoka Nendoroid Petit extension set featuring Charlotte in both of her forms

ITEM #62535

- The Ques-Q rendition of Cirno... I personally like this one the best, captures her just fantastically. She was out of stock for a while but randomly came back in stock brand new at Ami Ami right when I was thinking checking on her to see if she was available! Yay for random restocks out of nowhere!

ITEM #73397

- And I FINALLY got the Homura regular figma after so long!

I got a pretty cool item on March 14th:


Yes that's right, that is a pair of Homura themed male Pantsu. I figured since I want all things Homura, then a pair of boxers was essential. Sadly they don't fit me as the only size available was medium, so these shall forever remain on a hanger and become a backdrop for my Homura collection:



ITEM #92473

Next, I got this on March 19th:


Ms Selvaria Bles herself made an appearance! I managed to get the 1/7 version released by Alter in 2010! I snagged her off Rakuten thanks to a member making a post about her availability in the figures comment section. She came in perfect shape and I'm lucky to be able to add her to my collection.


ITEM #13815

Next came Seto Kaiba and Yami Yuugi (exclusive ver.) from Kotobukiya on March 22nd


ITEM #91371

ITEM #114739

Again this was an important buy just simply for the nostalgia these guys evoke in me. I was extremely overjoyed to order them as I've been wanting figures of them like this since I first got into this hobby, and now I have them! Great buy.

The last shipment was a couple of notable items I received on March 26th:


First, I got the One Piece Portrait of Pirates Garp 0. This figure was virtually impossible to get upon his initial release as he had an extremely limited and exclusive run only in Japan. He got a second re-release early this year and I was able to snag one off of Mandarake for 10k yen. With the exchange rate being extremely beneficial I was glad to acquire him. I think I'll keep him MISB, and pick up another down the road for display, preferably when this drops.

ITEM #78611

And finally last but not least, I got this badassery right here:


A 1/6 Avengers Iron Man ArtFX Statue from Kotobukiya! This is the armor he took on in the Marvel Avengers movie. He comes as a snap assembly kit that creates a 1/6 statue when complete. Really glad to get this, as I've been wanting something Iron Man related on a big scale for some time. Kotobukiya has the statue license for the series, and have made some great renditions of Mr. Stark in the armor. Hot Toys makes them too, but I can get something that still looks great from Koto for half the price of a Hot Toys figure so I decided to get this. Although I do plan to get the Mk VII armor when Hot Toys releases it at the end of this month, just in time for Iron Man 3!

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2013/03/28/667294.jpeg


Really Koto? REALLY? Styrofoam peanuts? I hate that crap! What the f*ck kind of packing method is that you big smelly dirty bastards! ARGHHH #@%%^%$&*(*^*!!!

ITEM #87763

Just a note though... if you're ordering from the KotoUS site, do be sure to send them an inquiry on their Facebook page with your order number etc. They literally won't ship your item until you make a follow up with it. I don't know why this is, but I had to go through their Facebook to get them aware that my order needed shipping. As soon as I got to them on there they shipped in the next day. HOWEVER the idiots shipped it to the wrong address! And what's worse the initial waiting time between payment for my order (which was immediate) and shipment of my item was nearly 2 weeks! Apparently the Koto US site is notorious for being a huge problem, when placing orders there. Their on-site contact and order process definitely needs a lot of work. It shouldn't take 2 weeks for an in stock item to even be prepared to be shipped out. And they literally forgot about the order too because as soon as I messaged them on their Facebook page they sent the order out the next day. Apart from the horrible order experience the end product was well worth it.

And yeah that's it. Got some important stuff, finished off a couple smaller lines and added a bit of weight to my collection, not a bad March at all!
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Raithos Stagnant
ZeroParadigm10 years ago#1434673Selvaria is a beautiful figure, enjoy that.

She is exquisite, I really feel lucky to have her :D, I definitely will enjoy her!

Jofuu10 years ago#1434846y u so rich? XD wait, what? Franky's GLM head is interchangeable? :O I had no clue! very nice loot haul indeed. mine fails in comparison XP
about KotoUS shop. I had to call them concerning an order ITEM #84812 for the same reason. it was paid for but hadn't been shipped. I could have driven up to the branch since I live in the area and could have saved shipping fees but I don't know if they would have allowed that lol

lmao rich? Please. It was just a nice set of circumstances, lol
Yes it's interchangeable! I like the head with the pompadour more, but it's all good really
Lmao, nah yours doesn't fail!

Yeah I believe they do allow for pickup, I don't see why not. I read that in one instance the person actually had someone from the branch drive to their house and drop the item off! So I don't see why the reverse couldn't be done
10 years ago
y u so rich? XD wait, what? Franky's GLM head is interchangeable? :O I had no clue! very nice loot haul indeed. mine fails in comparison XP

about KotoUS shop. I had to call them concerning an order ITEM #84812 for the same reason. it was paid for but hadn't been shipped. I could have driven up to the branch since I live in the area and could have saved shipping fees but I don't know if they would have allowed that lol
10 years ago
ZeroParadigm Extremely Peaceful
Selvaria is a beautiful figure, enjoy that.
10 years ago
Raithos Stagnant
tetsumaki10 years ago#1432034Very impressive. Really like the box of that 1/8 Homura although I still haven't watched that show yet xD
You ordering Black Magician?? They need to make a Blue Eyes Whit Dragon too.
I really am considering on that Iron Man statue..Hot Toys will be amazing also. It is pretty pricey but I was really happy with my batman one.
Are you going to get the new statue of the Mark XLVII? I think the sculpt looks kinda funny.
Looking forward to all the pictures if you decide to unbox some of them!

Yes I love the YANA box art as well! GSC really stepped it up for her!
You bet your behind I'm ordering Dark Magician! (Lol) It's a must
Oh man I WISH they'd make a Blue Eyes to go with my Seto, that would be amazing. I mean there's this: ITEM #42084 but like really? Make it actually obtainable please. Well I suppose there is this too
I give props to you for getting the Batman Hot Toys, that's definitely on my most wanted list, an epic piece indeed and you have the Joker incoming too. You're epic! I definitely plan to get the Koto Iron man Mk 42: ITEM #140031 And I will most likely get the Hot Toys Renditions of both the Mk 7 and Mk 42 as well. I will definitely be unboxing them :P. I know the design threw me off too at first but I really like it now. It looks cool to me xD

Neko_Oni10 years ago#1432042Holy collector's dream, Batman, that sure is one impressive tower of loot! The Homu Pantsu is a nice touch, I'm glad to see you got a HOmu figma finally! Homu's shrine grows more impressinve every day!
Interesting to hear that you're picking up a Hot Toys figure: I'd call them the super deluxe model of the articulated figure type! Now, all you need is a doll. :3

Yes my collection is starting to gain some merit :)
Yes I FINALLY got the figma, blah! It took so long, lol
The shrine rises!
Yes I must have some Hot Toys in my life, will start of with Iron Man, but I want Batman and Joker too
Does a RAH count as a doll? Or do you mean like Dollfie type doll?

MeiMisaki10 years ago#1432053I love your homura stuff, especially those pants........DONT get me wrong i'd use 'em for display purposes!

Lmao they've turned out to be a key item and I love them. My RL friend saw a pic of them off my MFC and she was like I WANT THOSE. It's way too small though, so I'm still on the hunt for a wearable pair, lol. But these are definitely cool

11710 years ago#1432100Epiccc.... the Bles, Iron-Man and Garp 0? good job!!!

Thanks! Yeah I got some heavy hitters :P

Reinier10 years ago#1432177Wow that was a pretty big haul, March looks like its a big month for profits for figure shops in Japan lol.

Lol it's a decent size, biggest I've personally amassed but I know it's like a teardrop compared to others on here. (Like my idol: TIRAMISS ... that's right Tira I shamelessly promote my friends in my posts!!!!)
It's like they know people will be doing their tax returns so they step it up? Lol nah, just a weird set of circumstances allowed me to do this. Thanks very strongly in part to the weakened yen also

Danci10 years ago#1432241Now that is some amazing loot! Nice haul!! Loving the Homu pants - an essential part to any Homu collection! XD

Thank you! I'm very lucky to be able to get it and I feel pretty happy about it! Lol they are a key item no Homura collection is complete without it. I only got them thanks in part to my great friend BLUEMONDAY (SHAMELESS PLUGGING ACTIVATE!)

Carmina10 years ago#1432277Great loot! Love Homura (she really is a must to go with Godoka) and can't wait to get mine!

She goes so well with Ultimate Madoka, I'm trying to get good shots of them together but it's a bit tedious, I have to use some new angles and elevate Homura a bit. Since Madokami is just so large, she's beautiful but takes up quite the amount of space, so you gotta get creative when shooting with her, especially with my pocket camera limitation ^_^'

heathersaur10 years ago#1432357If you live in the US, Barnes & Nobles Booksellers has been selling some Kotobukiya figures (Marvel, DC, and Star Wars). If you have a membership with them it's usually 20% off and then free shipping from their website.
I really want to get one of the Kyuubeys (either GSC or Seven Two)!

Oh thanks for the info! That's pretty cool actually!
In fact I'm based in Canada however, but there are a few comic stores that actually carry Koto items that are fairly close to me. The only problem is they were sold out of this particular statue, and everywhere else is just nuts.
I can't recommend the Kyuubey enough, he's so cool. The little bastard just smirking and strutting his stuff, lol. The GSC one is 1:1 scale isn't it? It's frigging huge! I like the Seven Two one because it's a manageable size, but the GSC one? It's like buying a real live cat. The box for it is bigger than Ultimate Madoka's, yikes!

xanxas10 years ago#1432494Wow awesome you got the Yuki and kiba figures, I saving up for Dark Magicians but more leaning for the green one

Thank you Xan! Yeah they are pretty sweet. I really like them a lot. They're 1/7 so they're both very large and the details are superb. Their duel disks even have the little life point gauge with 4000 life points on them and everything. SO NICE. I can't recommend these enough, especially the Kaiba, love it. I will definitely be getting the Dark Magician, oh you like the Blue and Green one? I actually like the Purple one more, so I'm getting that one :D

roronoa_zoro6910 years ago#1433355That is a huuuuge loot you got there!
awesome stuff Raithos!
You really have a crush on Homuhomu xD
the pants are hilarious, i wonder how the dudes in japan can wear the size they display, when you see the typical otaku who is not skinny LOL

I know the loot is monumental!!!!!!!
Yes I love Homura
LOL I know right? I don't know how they would fit either, the medium was enough to fit like one of my legs, lol. They're really really small. All the wearable sizes were sold out before I even learned about them, lol.

Mikaino10 years ago#1433648Loveeee your loot! My favorite picture is Batman standing behind Homura.. he doesn't look like he's trying to be "fatherly" xDD

XD Thanks so much Mikaino!
Oh yes Homura x Bats = Legend.
Oh he is most definitely being fatherly, didn't you know? Grim stares of determination are how they express their love to one another as a family x)

cereza10 years ago#1433693Yay loot! This post made me happy.

YEAHHHHHH!!! It made me happy to share it! Glad you got some of that happiness too! Mission accomplished!

Kimistuo10 years ago#1433713I don't think Kaiba's box is big enough for his massive ego.

It's still not big enough.
But no, hos box is pretty large though, a lot of open space in it, but it's surprisingly sturdy, also has these cool little windows on the side that look like Dragon Wings, lol I really like that Kaiba piece, will probably double up on him.

ChibiZee10 years ago#1433743I'm happy to see all your new March Gets :D

Thank you CZ! March was very good to me :P

Jolt10 years ago#1433759I like the shiny packaging for Yugi and Kaiba. O3O

Me too! It's like this shiny hologram sheet! And the inside of the Yuugi one has hieroglyphs in it as well! Nice little touch :P
10 years ago
I like the shiny packaging for Yugi and Kaiba. O3O
10 years ago
I'm happy to see all your new March Gets :D
10 years ago
I don't think Kaiba's box is big enough for his massive ego.
10 years ago
Yay loot! This post made me happy.
10 years ago
Mikaino Going to Gencon!
Loveeee your loot! My favorite picture is Batman standing behind Homura.. he doesn't look like he's trying to be "fatherly" xDD
10 years ago
Wow awesome you got the Yuki and kiba figures, I saving up for Dark Magicians but more leaning for the green one
10 years ago