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Clothed Girls Club
Lex_LinnLex_Linn8 years ago
This club exists for all beautiful clothed girls and women.
They need our love too!

Long skirts, dresses, trousers, sweaters, shirts, uniforms, traditional costumes, heavy and light armor, some kinds of plugsuits (not supertight) - more beautiful clothes on impressive girls!

Than more clothes on girl than better;
All types except Dolls* (PVC, Action figure etc.) of figures are allowed;

No: pantsu-shots, deep cleavage, zettai ryouiki, "2 balloons" boob plate type, skin-like slim clothes;

Long skirts/dresses/shorts with tights are welcome;
Uniforms/armor/traditional costumes are welcome!

(Rules can update)

Feel free to comment/PM me if some figures/ladies in lists are not suitable for club rules, even if it's a subject of opinion, I can make mistakes + appreciate all help you can provide.
*Most of dolls are castoffable by default so I would prefer to avoid their presence in list. I can make rare excludings for cast-off figures if their outfits are suitable for lists.

Important: Details of recent figures/characters updates are in comments left by admin.

UPD 30/01/18: Working under outfit classifications so users could better navigate. Current overall club state doesn't allow to make specific lists for them so it gonna be my personal lists with links. After list of classifications will be ready - feel free to suggest new ones if I missed something.
UPD 01/04/18: 1000 clothed figures joined this club! Yay!
UPD 23/05/2019: Outfit classification continues. More than 1100 figures take a lot of time to rearrange ^^'
UPD 27/04/21: 1.0. Version of category lists launched. It's not complete, some figures from club list may not be in them, so keep that in mind. If links do not work, please let me know. Would greatly appreciate help in categorization. More lists will be added.
UPD 09/02/2022: Lists were updated and increased. If you will see an item which is present in club list but not present in category list or is present in wrong category list, please let me know. Due to unknown reasons I currently can enter MFC only via VPN so it significantly slows me down in browsing new entries. I appreciate your help a lot. Stay safe.

-Clothes categorization lists-

LIST #100285

LIST #100284

Civil:LIST #97038
Subcategory - Maid:LIST #115475
Military:LIST #97043

Battle:LIST #97041
Futuristic:LIST #97044

-Yukata, Kimono-
LIST #97040

-Other Types of traditional clothes-
LIST #97042

-Casual clothes-
LIST #97039

Club list update: 19/05/2022
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Suggestions were reviewed and added! Thank you for your help!
6 months ago
Love the idea!
Quick rec: ITEM #581564 and basically all the other figures in that line :)
8 months ago
TheCreature1 year ago#98384492 -snip-
Happy collecting!

Thank you so much! List was updated.
10 months ago
I've just found and joined thsi club, and I love the idea!

Here are some of my suggestions!

ITEM #1213422

Happy collecting!
1 year ago
setokaibaswife1 year ago#93464156Sorry if you already have them but just suggesting a few from my own collection! <snip>.
Thank you! Gonna look into them & refresh my lists.
1 year ago
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
Just another one that I think fits: ITEM #146 (The skirt is above the knees but I think this outfit is covered up and modest)

You might also want to add ENTRY #1846 and ENTRY #6281 to the characters list.
1 year ago
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
Sorry if you already have them but just suggesting a few from my own collection! Here are some figures I find well clothed/modestly clothed and not sexualised.
ITEM #5172
ITEM #22232
ITEM #288989
ITEM #672279
ITEM #180751
ITEM #173748
ITEM #891709
ITEM #21643
ITEM #162015
ITEM #32803 (I know you said dolls aren't normally included but in my opinion her outfit is just perfect for the group, I own this doll and its definitely not sexualised at all if you did remove the clothes)

I like the group idea :D I hope these are okay, feel free to not add them if they're not ideal for the group though. I realised while looking through my collection how hard it was to find a non-sexualised, non-skimpy outfit female character... I also tried to avoid anything that felt too costume-y since I wasn't sure if that was accepted
A lot of the Love Live casual prize figures also fit into this category in my opinion (Lots of long skirts and stuff! I only own one though and it happens to be one of the skimpier ones, but I remember seeing lots of normal modest fashion in the lineup).
1 year ago
2 years ago
Adamska2 years ago#80208502So I meant to reply to this years ago... but Ion and Laphicet are both wee lads. (Not girls. Not sure if you'd want to unlink them?)
ITEM #2898
ITEM #62492
ITEM #423790

Thanks for letting me know!
2 years ago