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YanderechiiYanderechii6 years ago
A club for figures related to food/sweets!
A club.. or maybe a restaurant?
created for people like me who want to quench their hunger & thirst by looking at delicious plastic food.



Entry rules for said figures!
✿ Looks delicious~
✿ Makes your mouth water..
✿ licking your figures isn't accepted
✿ Agree that Animated food is Superior to irl one *damn you Shokugeki no Soma*
✿ As long as the figure has a food item or is a type of food, (e; Gudetama) it is accepted.

(This Club is also a Database for Glutton characters)


Itadakimasu! (っ*´∀`*)っ♥
Club icon from ENTRY #1052 / Banner from ENTRY #33815
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ITEM #1030328

^ Watermelon!
1 month ago
Saboupi Dumb Baby
Loria2 months ago#110193884
All added c: thank you
2 months ago
Definitely entry/165063! All the characters are named with desserts and the merches also contain desserts too.

ENTRY #258809 - a loli that loves candies, snacks and desserts
ENTRY #280252 - a loli that eats A LOT. She loves eating and the energy from food will be converted to magical power.
ENTRY #238271 & ENTRY #270428 - another sweet lolis here. Loves baking desserts, and if you wanna have some cakes now, I'll strongly suggest you calling them. They are pros in making cakes.

ITEM #1553855 ITEM #1492670 ITEM #1476225
2 months ago
PigeonSocks average catgirl
Everything in this collection!
ENTRY #271655
4 months ago
I wanna eat doughnuts too :'(
5 months ago
View spoilerHide spoilerITEM #1325961 curry
ITEM #1297014 bread
ITEM #1131785 coffee
ITEM #1326053 habanero/chili?
ITEM #1325987 can coffee
ITEM #1325966 soba
ITEM #1057499 corn/tea
ITEM #1297128 onigiri/drink
ITEM #1460227 pocky
ITEM #1460206 drinks
ITEM #1460098 ringo ame
ITEM #1454637 pancake?
ITEM #1447895 popsicle
ITEM #1447892 popsicle
ITEM #1446892 onigiri
ITEM #1440202 icecream
ITEM #1416762 jagariko
ITEM #1294316 coffee?
6 months ago
PigeonSocks average catgirl
7 months ago
PigeonSocks average catgirl
Hmm, not sure if this really works because it is a drink but if it does everything in ENTRY #258849 as well as ENTRY #258851
7 months ago