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freezermilkfreezermilk4 years ago
Appreciating Insanity, Yanderes and Sadomasochism :)

She's hot, powerful, and out of control. She's better than you and maybe just a little bit unhinged, and she just might crush you--even if she has a crush on you.

This is a club dedicated to those kinds of girls, the ones with a dash of crazy in them. They'd kill for you, they'd die for you--or they might just straight up kill you. Maybe she's sadistic, she's yandere/yangire, or maybe she takes the idea of ride or die a little too seriously. And if she's looking down on you, well, at least she's looking at you.

Her cheese is slipping off the cracker, and god if that don't get you hot. Whether she's crazy in love or just plain crazy, she's welcome here.

Some rules:

Only waifus who are violent, obsessive, posessive, etc. here--not the place for moe girls who firmly believe they are from space (even if we love that sort of crazy too)

Violent comedy tsunderes are strictly prohibited. Comedy yanderes/sadists are still good.

If you're gonna submit a girl, please tell us why she fits. Introduce us to your batshit bae!

Also of note: only listing figures/goods which showcase their crazy personality. crazed/sadistic expression, knives, blood, hollow eyes, etc. not 'normal' representations of the character
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1 month ago
PigeonSocks average catgirl
Possibly ENTRY #117843 ? Not sure if she is crazy enough though
2 months ago
So, this may be my fave club in the entirety of MFC lol. I come bearing a few suggestions :3 I apologize in advance if they’re already included or if they don’t fit here!

ENTRY #5922 View spoilerHide spoilergrows up to be an ultraviolent, vindictive person, stuck between a love/hate obsession for the MC.

ENTRY #159294 View spoilerHide spoilertakes delight in others' misfortune, especially her dear Brother's, who she also literally kidnaps.

ENTRY #2681 View spoilerHide spoileris able to do horrible things that show no respect for human life. Also, she forces herself on ENTRY #3951 at some point.

ENTRY #35784 View spoilerHide spoileris very bloodthirsty and often harasses other girls. Obsessively seeks deadly fights with ENTRY #35788.

ENTRY #29380 View spoilerHide spoilergrows a lot mellower as the story goes but starts off as the Angel of Slaughter. Enough said.
3 months ago
ITEM #806152
Idk how to spoiler warning so ill keep it vague: basically this is the form she takes when she goes crazy, very crazy
4 months ago
5 months ago
7 months ago
idk if this is already a thing here but ENTRY #25475
7 months ago
cthugha cute girl enjoyer
may i suggest that you add ENTRY #42957 !!View spoilerHide spoilershe kind of goes crazy throughout the game, and talks about knives a lot. she even tries to kill the other characters.
1 year ago