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BAMF Girls
rachel17rachel174 years ago
A club centered around the women in media
that are cool, confident, strong.
Celebrating the badass heroines, villainesses,
and everything in between


item/entry suggestions are welcome and encouraged but
keep in mind as the club is sfw, nsfw content will not be added

https://i.ibb.co/GHbgk8v/FPh3-CFGX0-AMV5-Uf.jpgArt by Jorge Jimenez, Tomeu Morey - Harley Quinn (Batman #99)
Thank you for visiting!

looking for club mods, please pm admin if interested
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Lemme join :D
5 months ago
Hi, I'd like to join!
5 months ago
Can I join?
9 months ago
I would like to join please^^
11 months ago
ghostbyun キッケリキー!
Hi! I think ENTRY #287133 would be a very good fit for this club! :D
11 months ago
Hello! I would love to join if its possible :DD
11 months ago
let me join, please
11 months ago
Anyways, if any club members or people passing by happen to see entries or items linked to the club that might not be appropriate to be linked, feel free to let me know. any suggestions for entries that should or shouldnt be linked are always encouraged :)
1 year ago
arigamies1 year ago#113454442i'd like to join this club please!sent an invite :)
1 year ago
i'd like to join this club please!
1 year ago