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rachel17rachel173 years ago

A club for fans that celebrate and enjoy the cool + badass women in media. It’s my first club so I’m still figuring things out. Feel free to join! recommendations are welcome.

https://i.ibb.co/GHbgk8v/FPh3-CFGX0-AMV5-Uf.jpgArt by Jorge Jimenez, Tomeu Morey - Harley Quinn (Batman #99)

No incest shippers or lolicons
please dont request to join again if your comment was deleted

looking for mods :) please pm admin if interested
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yugyee2 days ago#112320382sent invites :)

Thank you!
1 day ago
im gonna be just a tad bit less active than usual these days, apologies if im late with linking new stuff or sending invites
2 days ago
NiluArtsyD6 days ago#112216714Hi! Can I join in as well? :3Nightspirit4 days ago#112241666Hello! Can I have an invite please? :)sent invites :)
2 days ago
Hello! Can I have an invite please? :)
4 days ago
Hi! Can I join in as well? :3
6 days ago
linkappreciator9 days ago#112189134hi, could i have an invite? :)yes! invite sent :)
8 days ago
hi, could i have an invite? :)
9 days ago
charliz310 days ago#112176948hello! may i join?yes, sent invite :)
9 days ago
hello! may i join?
10 days ago
If anyone ever wants to be a mod, pls let me know. Im more experienced with western media so ill sometimes miss linking anime characters. If anyone’s ever interested just pm me and i’ll see :)
13 days ago
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