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BAMF Girls
rachel17rachel173 years ago
A club centered around the women in media
that are cool, confident, strong.
Celebrating the badass heroines, villainesses,
and everything in between


item/entry suggestions are welcome and encouraged but
keep in mind as the club is sfw, nsfw content will not be added

https://i.ibb.co/GHbgk8v/FPh3-CFGX0-AMV5-Uf.jpgArt by Jorge Jimenez, Tomeu Morey - Harley Quinn (Batman #99)
Thank you for visiting!

looking for club mods, please pm admin if interested
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Sorry for the huge lack of updates. I honestly forget the club existed…lol. Theres been a lot going on, in the past I even messaged mods asking to delete this club since there were others similar enough and more active. But it seems people still want to join and since the club never was deleted ill try to update it in a bit.

Ill also make the club public. The current rules for joining were put there by the original owner and I agreed with it so I never removed the requirements. but now ill be removing the rule and making the club public simply only because it’ll make it much easier for me to manage, being able to put sole focus on linking items. I know that means maybe users i/other members dont feel comfortable with might join but in the end I want to focus on actually keeping up with the content of the club so I will simply ignore it and keep my sanity lol. I hope this is ok. If youve been interested before please check again since it’ll be joinable without needing an invite

Other than that please give me some time to update the club look+start getting back to linking entries. And once again i’m still looking for mods that can help out as im more experienced with western media+video games so I might be lacking in the anime department. But any suggestions are welcome
1 month ago
Lemme join :D
1 month ago
Hi, I'd like to join!
1 month ago
Can I join?
5 months ago
I would like to join please^^
7 months ago
ghostbyun キッケリキー!
Hi! I think ENTRY #287133 would be a very good fit for this club! :D
7 months ago
Hello! I would love to join if its possible :DD
7 months ago
let me join, please
7 months ago
Anyways, if any club members or people passing by happen to see entries or items linked to the club that might not be appropriate to be linked, feel free to let me know. any suggestions for entries that should or shouldnt be linked are always encouraged :)
8 months ago
yugyee8 months ago#113727589so sorry about my lateness! ive sent an invite :)

No worries, and thank you!
8 months ago




10 months ago
3 years ago
1 year ago
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