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Lying Down & Cozy
TisbisTisbis2 years ago
A club featuring figures that are lying down and cozy, comfy figures!
Cozy figures are figures that are sleepy, on a cushion, in pjs, or in a comfortable position. If the figure meets the aforementioned but has an energetic pose, face, or is provocative, I don't consider it to be "cozy".

Examples of figures I consider to be lounging/sitting up and not lying:
ITEM #318879
ITEM #676105
ITEM #549383
ITEM #287585

Figures that are sort of lying in the air which I try to classify on a case-by-case basis:
ITEM #371355
ITEM #166896
ITEM #166953
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The more figures I see here, the less sure I am of this club's definition of "cozy". One figure is a girl literally getting eaten by a shark.
5 months ago
..thank you for making this group
lying down figures are so comforting to me.._(:3」∠)_
2 years ago
jumpluff Pegasus Knight
This is the perfect group! I had no idea there were so many figures like this! I really like your classification system personally - that comfy, sleepy languorousness is what I'm all about :D All those Taito Mikus in their PJs are slaying my heart rn.

edit: this one's kind of in a grey area because she's sitting up, but if you didn't see her I thought I'd point you her way! ITEM #845478
2 years ago