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Short Hair Appreciation
NayanMoriNayanMori2 years ago

Club Status: active
Please leave addition requests in the comments or pinned thread! I will try my best to add them all!

A club to appreciate short hair!
Short hair is usually not the first choice when creating a character, but if used right, it can be amazing! If you love characters with short hair as much as we do, then join!

Though this club isn't NSFW focused, NSFW figures are linked so if you are uncomfortable with that, please use a SFW setting!

Some "rules":
🍁 Figures with "medium" hair are added, as long as the hair isn't past the shoulders. 🍁
🍁 Characters can be any gender, species, and otherwise! 🍁
🍁 The longest hair shouldn't be any longer than shoulder-length 🍁
🍁 Hair with long strands of hair are added, as long as their hair is overall short 🍁



🍁 Currently looking for mods! If you'd like to be one, PM me! (NayanMori) 🍁
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I see this club on so many figures. How do you keep up with the figures ?.??
2 months ago
5 months ago
ghostbyun キッケリキー!
I think ITEM #1651511 might have been accidentally added? :>
11 months ago
Whaaaat girls with short hair are always cuter in my opinion and more feminine
2 years ago