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tomuratomura1 year ago
This is a club for fans who LOVE OC figures...but the SFW kind!
Our icon is of "Charlotte" a kit from Candy Meteor! ITEM #156048
pixel art by karameruyukika

Please make sure to read the suggestion rules before suggesting items: thread/17697

Those with multiple loli/shotacon figures, goods or media owned or wished will be denied an invite and their message will be deleted.

Do not ask again to join if you were ignored.

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tomura shigaraki ♡
New sales thread!
13 days ago
tomura shigaraki ♡
Decided to go ahead and add some mascot characters; I tried not to add too many in case it went over badly with members but heres who i did add:

ENTRY #115872
ENTRY #15673
ENTRY #259929
ENTRY #244855
ENTRY #10568

Please let me know if this is liked or dislike!
5 months ago
tomura shigaraki ♡
azureblue1 year ago#95012936Should ITEM #950002 really be in the club? She's a clothed -> nude castoff. Didn't realize she was castoff. I'll take her out.
1 year ago
Should ITEM #950002 really be in the club? She's a clothed -> nude castoff.
1 year ago
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