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Puffs and Curls
Tsuko-tanTsuko-tan2 years ago
A club for people who appreciate puffy and curly hair (and/or have it)!
I made this club as I noticed there's not many characters with puffy/curly hair, and if they do have it they're not properly tagged. Therefore there's now a club for it!

(was originally a thread but decided to just put it here in the description):

View spoilerHide spoiler- no nsfw/18+ content, only SFW recommendations. Please generally avoid NSFW origins as well. I do sometimes add nsfw figures to the list but as this is a SFW club (and I'd like my eyes to not have to be bleached) i'm putting in this rule.

- character in question has to have a form of curly or puffy hair/fur/etc. (aka no straight hair, spiky hair, "fluffy" hair unless it's curly (think deku), and just wavy hair. Some can be a case by case basis but generally that stuff doesn't work for the club.)

- Don't recommend media unless it's specifically about said curly-haired character, and in general i try to avoid crowdshots/goods with no signifier of how the character's hair looks. I do use a mass editor so some might show up lol.

If any of these apply to your suggestion I will probably only select certain entries from your suggestion or delete the comment, not a personal thing it's just awkward to have in the comments lmao.
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setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
I have this type of hair and I absolutely love seeing characters with it!! Thank you for making the club
1 year ago