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SrpouhiSrpouhi2 years ago
。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ Welcome to Seriously Silver! ☆・゚*:・。,★・゚:*:・。

this club features characters of all kinds with silver, white or gray hair!


feel free to join if you love characters with pure silver hair ~
you may also submit suggestions of characters or figures who haven't been linked to the club in the comments! i will try my best to keep everything updated ♡
if ive added a character to the club that DOESNT have white hair, please dont hesitate to alert me! i run the club alone and sometimes i will make mistakes.
(P.S. characters with SFs (second forms) that have white hair count!)

please be aware when submitting a character or figure:
is their hair PLATINUM BLONDE or WHITE?
sometimes it can be confusing!
white hair looks like:
ITEM #1052083
ITEM #1038873
ITEM #1000561

platinum blonde looks like:
ITEM #324691
ITEM #98864
ITEM #13483

but dont be afraid to submit, even if you are confused! not all figures of the same character have the same shade of hair~

please enjoy your stay!
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Melone Can't copy platinum
ENTRY #1682
1 year ago
ghostbyun キッケリキー!
2 years ago
2 years ago
ChibiRemi2 years ago#98333984Hi!
I have some suggestions. :3
ENTRY #25263
ENTRY #32654
ENTRY #7202
ENTRY #48108
There are a lot of white-haired characters in KanColle:
ENTRY #69022
ENTRY #75908
ENTRY #60270
ENTRY #94898
ENTRY #87337
ENTRY #84048
ENTRY #77229
ENTRY #77227
ENTRY #109078
ENTRY #76706
ENTRY #76705
ENTRY #69127
ENTRY #64722
ENTRY #60055

thanks for your suggestions! they all check out, were added ^^
2 years ago
lowroller2 years ago#98016676Good club idea! You have a lot of related items already, but if I think of more I'll suggest them. One that comes to mind is Altera from FGO: ENTRY #94631lorycia2 years ago#98022166Nice, i`m all in for this.
I saw you added ENTRY #2931 already. But then you have to add ENTRY #4202 aswell.
ENTRY #172333 is technicall black, but View spoilerHide spoilersince he is a part of Vergil he can go white hair mode in the game.
and there is ENTRY #9762
lowroller2 years ago#98078692Here's one more, Nagao also from FGO: ENTRY #180034

thanks for the suggestions! they were all added ^^
2 years ago




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