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ZharZhar1 year ago
This is a group that features "figure friends". Figure friends can be anything between animals, insects, or even monsters that appear somewhere on a figure.

Anyone is welcome to join!
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ITEM #81489

Oh and how could I forget, Samus with baby Metroid <3
2 months ago
Omoroid2 months ago#113354688ITEM #897101
Tsunade with Katsuyu!
twilightgrl2 months ago#113354360Some suggestions :3
ITEM #1605287
ITEM #1622368
ITEM #1465937

Added! Thank you so much for the suggestions!
2 months ago
ITEM #897101

Tsunade with Katsuyu!
2 months ago
nekoblog catgirl enthusiast
2 months ago
twilightgrl7 months ago#108571329I feel like ITEM #1513634 would fit here!
Yes it definitely would!! Thanks so much for the suggestion!
7 months ago
nekoblog catgirl enthusiast
I feel like ITEM #1513634 would fit here!
7 months ago
Loretta9 months ago#106441376What is the name of the figure in the first picture? she is so cute!
She is incredibly cute!
ITEM #738007
I have her and her details are beautiful, she’s worth every penny!
9 months ago
What is the name of the figure in the first picture? she is so cute!
9 months ago
Hi everyone! Just a reminder that anyone can join and recommend figures! ^^
This group is completely open to anyone, I’m happy to get more members!
1 year ago
ENTRY #1919 Most here
ITEM #9595 + variant
ITEM #143974
ITEM #143880

Not the cutest but cx
1 year ago