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MiskuitMiskuit1 year ago
STREET MOE - combining anime and streetwear.https://i.postimg.cc/mkg28vrj/2817293.png
This is a club inspired byr/streetmoeTherefore, we will similarly follow its definition of streetwear:"A fashion movement that combines elements of countercultures around the world with modern street
style. Popular influences streetwear draws upon include, but are not limited to:
➼ Youth subcultures like Skate or Goth
➼ Artistic movements such as punk, grunge, and hip hop
➼ Anachronistic artistic motifs such as cyberpunk or Renaissance art
➼ High fashion and avant gardism
➼ Active-wear such as athletic or military clothing
"Entry of figures should be wearing clothes abiding by this definition.Also, feel free to post about other related streetwear + anime merch here.
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freezermilk Cute Girl Enthusiast
Welp, my time to shine I guess

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LIST #150284
8 months ago
So happy to see a club like this. Streetware style is one of my absolute favorites and I wish more figure incorporated it. Part of why I'm so in love with the Evangelion Radio Eva line of figures.

ITEM #1402552

ITEM #872779

ITEM #872778
8 months ago
Yeah, I was surprised there wasn't a pre-existing club covering this topic, so I just decided to just go ahead and make it. c:

And damn, both of these figures look real slick. I might decide to make a separate forum thread keep tracking of figures that can't be included in the MFC database, like they do in the Myethos club. However, it might be hard keeping track of all of them. But I might end up making that forum thread one day, if there's a substantial amount of streetwear figures being produced from such manufacturers.

victheduck1 year ago#99769001What a great idea for a club! Funny that I stumbled into this club, because I just discovered a couple potential grails yesterday, they are themed around techwear/streetwear:
The first one already has a 3D model/prototype and I was drooling over how good it looks. Sadly I don’t think these will be listed on MFC as the manufacturer JIS Studio is based in China.
1 year ago
Cosmique pretty girl enthusiast
1 year ago