☆ The iDOLM@STER Franchise Fans
loveblossomsloveblossoms1 year ago
A club for content regarding to ALL [email protected] branches/series, including the original [email protected], Dearly Stars, Cinderella Girls, Million Live!, SideM, Shiny Colors and any future branches to come!
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pandayuck ⋆。°✩
i'd love to join!! :D
7 days ago
I want to join! Please invite me. Thank you! ♪(^∇^*)
9 days ago
i'd like an inv pls!
16 days ago
can I join?:p
16 days ago
buggie-tan ムカデ˚ ༘♡
Id like to join pls
1 month ago
hi! pls can i join? i love [email protected]!
1 month ago
hii! can i join?
1 month ago
hi! i'd like to join.
2 months ago
id like 2 join!
10 months ago
How does one join the club?
1 year ago