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Welcome to the Tomboys! Club ~ We're glad you are here!

What is a tomboy?

A tomboy, once used to describe rowdy, energetic boys, has transitioned its use over time to instead primarily describe girls. Previously considered derogatory, now often a source of pride and seen as bucking the typical gender stereotypes for girls who behave in a way perceived to be more boyish or masculine. Being boisterous and expressing masculinity in different ways is a common trait of a tomboy. Those traits can be via an attitude, look, personality, or even choices of interest at times.

For example, Tomo-chan is concerned that she will not be noticed...
...but fear not Tomo, there are lots of us who really appreciate tomboys, such as yourself!

In fact, we have a club here for all the unique tomboys out there to recognise and discuss the special things about them!

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2023/02/11/3459761.pngTomo: Ok, then tell me more about what makes us special?

Well, Tomo, as you likely already know from yourself, tomboys are frequently direct and to the point, will look you in the eye, and do not try please for the sake of argument. They are often intolerant of bullies and are willing to help the weaker or perceived sufferer by jumping into a fight for the sake of virtue.

Tomboys also pride themselves on being true to their selves over culture norms. Sounds a little familiar, does it not?

Tomo: Yeah, maybe. So, what else?

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2023/02/10/3458359.pngRegularly seen without make-up or jewelry, and scraggly hair, tomboys do not mind atypical appearances like jeans, baseball caps, loose t-shirts, jackets, and other non-conforming apparel. They could be seen as casual, laid-back, or sporty, and do not regularly follow the latest fashion trends for looks.

However, tomboys can still turn on the charm to be feminine and sexy when they chose to do so but not out of cultural pressure, unwritten gender rules, or other external obligations.

Tomo: Not that Jun noticed me in my pretty dress either! (Sorry, Tomo-chan, that's on him!)

Tomboys do not often relate well to ‘girly-girls’ or ‘gals’, and they frequently keep company or hangout with more ‘guy’ friends than other girls.

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2023/02/10/3458360.pngTomboys may be symbolised by their attitudes, behaviour, and hobbies like building or fixing things, shoptalk, cars, computer games, sports, x-games, roughhousing, getting dirty, playing with bugs, or even interests in once male-dominated fields like math, sciences, technology, and even the military (to name a few).

Tomboys do not care about what other people think of them, nor do they judge others for the way they are. Likewise, they do not make fun of who some people would call ‘nerds’ or ‘geeks’, and in fact will befriend them instead.

Tomo: Well, guess we are pretty unique after all...
...ok, count me into this special club here!

Whatever sort of sporty, DIY’er, protective, or typically male implied hobbies they are, girls who enjoy these things have a club home and belong here!

The goal of this club is to share appreciation for these unique girls and to enjoy open discussion for all Tomboys and tomboy admirers!

If you know of any items, characters, or entries that should be added to the club for tracking, please share your appreciation of them and leave a comment to get them added!

Thank you for being a part of the club!

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Remember: Tanya is always on the lookout for more candidates to join her ranks as well! Therefore, do not disappoint her and fail to offer up your prospective tomboys, lest she might magically snipe you herself as part of her own evil training exercises or next mission!


Pictured artwork is respective of multiple project ownership and copyrights of those studios.
Appreciation is given for the creative use to help show support of those authors' & studios' work products:
Banner: Onimai Project | ENTRY #311100
Body: Tomo-chan Project | ENTRY #7896 | Do It Yourself!! Project | ENTRY #94316
Footer: Saga of Tanya the Evil Project | ENTRY #121662
Please support these, and others, artists' and studios' releases via your Tomboy fondness! Thank you.
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FigHunter1 month ago#121261871I've wrote an article of Black Rock Shooter in depth. Hope it's interesting for you guys
BLOG #57700
Thanks for advising about the post for your detailed BRS Bunny Ver review write-up.
26 days ago
I've wrote an article of Black Rock Shooter in depth. Hope it's interesting for you guys

BLOG #57700
1 month ago
New club header write-up is posted...

Thanks for your patience while I figured out what to put in the text and worked-up a few custom pictures from some related anime series to go together with.

Tried to be informative and have a little fun at the same time. Hopefully it came out ok. Please do comment if you find anything out of sorts so it can be corrected.

Thank you.
1 month ago
Hi all,
Club header re-write is currently in progress. Apologies for the blank page delay.
Wanted to clear permission questions & possibility of combine action with the original, non-active Tomboys club thru MFC Admins.
New banner has been added vs solid color for the moment.
If any members have a new icon or other banner suggestions please feel free to share. Else, we can keep as-is for the moment.
Thank you.
1 month ago
Happy Lunar New Year to those observing!
Welcome to the Year of the Rabbit.
Wishing you peace, good health, and prosperity.

(And perhaps something new for your figure collection too.)
2 months ago
freezermilk2 months ago#119931422Oh yes, I meant the main 6 for DIY ofc ^^
And also, I am a mod for the trans club who added Irina! She is a “raised as a boy” crossdresser, which makes her easy to interpret as trans, but as far as the source material is concerned she is a cis girl

Understood on DIY ~ updated for the 6 MC's + some extra merch items.

TY for the additional on Irina / Ilya. No worries, she has been added.
View spoilerHide spoilerWas able to pick up the first several series episodes. Bit of a ?? since originally introduced as 'he' and going as the other boy in the house.
Makes more sense now, especially after episode 4 with the onsen + tengu episode. A good focus episode for Irina getting to share some of her backstory and learn more about her.
Nice touch that Takahashi Rie ENTRY #87344 is her VA ~ did not realize until seeing the credits.
2 months ago
freezermilk Cute Girl Enthusiast
Pretsel2 months ago#119889605Hi freezermilk, thanks for the trio. Have added Lucy and the parent DIY!! entry itself.
Did you want the 6 main DIY character entries considered as well? (Do not see characters for Hoketsu Haruko and Serufu no Haha, but assuming you are excluding the Nurse and Yua's Mum.) Looks like a fun SOL series and is streaming on CR. Will have to take a look.
Regarding Irina, saw she was also tagged in the trans club. Have not had a chance to take in Renai Flops yet, so not familiar with her backstory, but see it on HIDIVE for a quick look. Want to be respectful between clubs, so if no concerns for tagging Irina in both, happy to add ~ please share any thoughts, if you would like?
Thank you.

Oh yes, I meant the main 6 for DIY ofc ^^

And also, I am a mod for the trans club who added Irina! She is a “raised as a boy” crossdresser, which makes her easy to interpret as trans, but as far as the source material is concerned she is a cis girl
2 months ago
Lastly, not to wear everyone out today, but in case you missed it, for anyone interested in a fun, tomboy rom-com, Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! (Tomo-chan is a Girl!) finally got an anime series and is currently simulcasting on Aniplus & CR. A few episodes have been posted so far. Am curious to see how the manga and anime compare for Tomo and Jun?
2 months ago
starstellastar2 months ago#119889622Hi! Im decuded to give the club to you since it was getting really overwhelmed. If you arent pkay witht his feel completely free to give it back to me<3. If you want to keep it feel free to change it however you want ofcourse :>. I felt you were more well educated on the topic ♡
Hi starstellastar, thank you for the update.
No worries on the transfer (bit surprised) and was not looking for ownership. Am just chatty on a liked topic I guess, but am happy to try to run with it if you do not want to (let me know if any regrets ~ not a locked in pre-order here)?

Just figured your hands were full with a few other active clubs you have started up as well all about the same time. XD

Cannot say that I would do a better job than anyone else, but hopefully all the members will help with that(?)! [It is whatever we make of it...]

Hope you will please feel free to at least re-join and stay on with us, esp since you got us going. If too busy, completely understand. You do you, and what makes you happy.
2 months ago
Hi all, hope everyone is well. Seems that our former Admin, starstellastar, has transferred the club to me. Apologies, as I did not receive a notice about the transfer, was not immediately aware.

Would like to thank starstellastar for getting this club up and running along with all the initial related additions.

Have tried to catch up on all the helpful member suggestions & additions to date. Thank you to all for the comments thus far.

Greetings to the handful of recently joined members as well and welcome to the club. Please feel free to offer any suggestions and/or help keep us honest in our related entries / items. Related club comments are open and welcome from all.

Silence is also golden, and welcome for those who just want to quietly tag along with us too. :)

Thank you & happy collecting.
2 months ago
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