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NefereNefere7 months ago
Welcome to Frilly Fantasy club!


It's a club that unites people who are in love in frills! While ruffles are most seen as layers under dresses, they can be spotted in shirts, swimsuits and veils! They're cute, and give volume to clothes, and complexity to figures.


Feel free to share figures, photos and favourite aspects of clothes decoration!


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Saw a figure with frills, remembered clubs exist, then decided there must be a club for enthusiasts who appreciate them. I was not wrong, and I am glad for that :)
2 months ago
Omoroid2 months ago#114135382ITEM #919631Wow! She looks wonderful!

I've added her and other FGO figures.
2 months ago
2 months ago
muyuyuyuu2 months ago#114126605has ITEM #5498 been added yet?Thank you! I've added her and more Louise figures.
2 months ago
muyuyuyuu john egbert fan
has ITEM #5498 been added yet?
2 months ago
SpoOkie_ooooo7 months ago#109273700ITEM #850526
ITEM #872716
ITEM #946145
Thank you! I've linked them to the club!
7 months ago
Your source for old and rare figurines!




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