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Animals of MFC
NayanMoriNayanMori1 year ago
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There's groups for Cats and Dogs, but what about hamsters? Squirrels? Ferrets?
This club is for all animals, pets or wild!

Feel free to talk about your pets, or just animals in general here, real animals or ones from anime/manga/etc. Real or not, they are still cute and valid!

1. Only animals can be added entries/items
2. If the character is humanoid or acts like a human, it probably wont be added
3. All pictures that include animals can be added!

This club was originally "Pets of MFC" but I decided it should include all animals, as who's to say what animals are and aren't pets, we can appreciate all animals!
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cthugha cute girl enjoyer
6 months ago
cute club idea ! i'm here for more cute animals !!!
1 year ago
I just discovered this character from a 70's children's show. ENTRY #65585
1 year ago
ENTRY #23182 creature
1 year ago