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https://i.gyazo.com/d5828872f13e4c7b281fb6c3bc8a4132.png hello!! welcome ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა https://i.gyazo.com/d5828872f13e4c7b281fb6c3bc8a4132.png
im guessing you like jirai fashion / ryousangata? well so do i! come come! dont be afraid to ask to join!!


dont know what jirai fashion and ryousangata is? well here's a brief summary of what it is!
Jirai-kei (地雷系) is a subculture filled with styles anyone will enjoy! People mainly use "Jirai-kei" as an umbrella term but its also a separate style within Jirai-kei! there's also Ryousangata, Jirai-danshi (地雷男子), Subcul-Jirai and Tenshi-kaiwai (under the Subcul-Jirai umbrella). It gained huge popularity in 2020 and is still expanding with lots of new stuff to this day ♡ Jirai-kei's main theme (explained roughly/stereotypically) is bright colours contrasted with black or white.-
-The outfits come in a wide variety ranging in suspender skirts, frilly shirts with bows, tracksuits, oversized shirts, dresses etc.. ♡ (depending on the style!) a lot of Jirai-kei's elements is inspired by girly/dark kei, punk/goth fashion and lolita! But keep in mind they are all separate things and its important to differentiate & not mix any fashion styles up, as in a lolita outfit is not jirai-kei.
Black platform shoes, twin tails, ribbons and cute hair clips are also key elements in Jirai-kei and is a must for any Jirai cuties ✧.* The most important part of any Jirai Joshi (地雷女子) wearing the style is the make-up! It's main focus is trying to enhance the eyes, making them look sad and tiery eyed much like the emoji "pien" →https://i.gyazo.com/e1303f8b2cdb8dfc32a5f0f96b8023ae.gif!https://i.gyazo.com/cc6909b61ebe731b4b60d3f7da9b6062.jpg


everything in this club is jirai-kei accurately depicted as it should be <3
visit the sister club! CLUB #2542
please request any items to add/remove in the comments!
View spoilerHide spoilerthis fashion style is mainly aimed towards teens AKA a community filled with MINORS and i want this club to be a safe space for ALL ages, this is why i dont allow 18+ things. if you cant understand that then, i dont know how to help you further. this is a fashion club anyways, i want the clothes on! also please dont request to join if you're a self-proclaimed lolicon/support them, collect mainly loli or were/are in a club revolving around that. the majority of people feel uncomfortable towards such things for valid reasons so this is why i wont be allowing that. (its nothing personal) for any users safety, just to be sure please use the "SFW" feature
for more information (since i dont want to flood the page) look here! LIST #191047


ty and enjoy your stay <3

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Hi can I join?
1 day ago
bkdk8 days ago#130554551suggestions maybe ?
ITEM #2078865
ITEM #2078852
ITEM #2078851
maybe more under gyuing that might fit ^_^;;;

omg this artist is fireee ty!!
3 days ago
bkdk kacchan! ☆
suggestions maybe ?
ITEM #2078865
ITEM #2078852
ITEM #2078851

maybe more under gyuing that might fit ^_^;;;
8 days ago
Hi! please may I join <3
9 days ago
hi! can i pls join <3
13 days ago
can i join pls!
14 days ago
Hello! Can I join please?
26 days ago
can i join ?
1 month ago
Hi all, can I join please? I'd like to keep track of upcoming jirai-related figures in one place!
1 month ago
I'd love to join!
1 month ago