┈✄No/partial Bangs✄┈┈✄No/partial Bangs✄┈bangs seem to be the default, lets show the foreheads some love!Misc

┈✄No/partial Bangs✄┈
starstellastarstarstellastar10 months ago
figures of girls and women without bangs
or with
small/partial bangs
that show off most of the

Accepted levels of forehead show: View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://cdn.donmai.us/original/71/2c/__abigail_williams_fate_and_1_more_drawn_by_sofra__712cd9339d658fc123e7ee7a6008acfb.png

image credits:View spoilerHide spoilerClub picture is Takagi-San illustrated by Yamamoto Souichirou.
Artists: nuebunny, sofra, ddari, okota mikan, norman maggot, katagiri ikumi, yugen99, nina yuki.
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10 days ago
freezermilk Cute Girl Enthusiast
redpilled2 months ago#121704664will you take my baby into your warm and loving home ENTRY #60059

Such a beautiful forehead TTuTT <3
1 month ago
will you take my baby into your warm and loving home ENTRY #60059
2 months ago
Scones3 months ago#120584304ENTRY #3939. Nothing much better than long blonde hair no bangs.
3 months ago
Melian3 months ago#120650552ITEM #1776841
The queen
Ty, she's iconic
3 months ago
ITEM #1776841
The queen
3 months ago
ENTRY #3939. Nothing much better than long blonde hair no bangs.
3 months ago
redwindflower4 months ago#120214070Perhaps Cynthia Lane from Overman King Gainer?
Ty so much! She fits perfectly
4 months ago
panchiko4 months ago#120408377Has ENTRY #165072 been added? Sorry if she has but she has quite the large noggin
I have to admit the clubs name is a little misleading>.< the club is much more for girls without bangs than just large foreheads on it own. Though if they have a large forgead and bangs that still show most of the forehead ive accepted those too. I think the club name is due for some revising. I mostly picked it because of the clubs inspiration, Takagi. I still appreciate the suggestion a lot and shes super super cute<3
4 months ago