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midriff appreciation!!
Kazuichi_SodaKazuichi_Soda5 months ago
This club is for all the amazing figures out there with their midriffs showing! Cropped tops are SO COOL & AAWESOME! I wanted to make a club for these figures specifically since most clothed figures aren't showing the midriff area. The midriff is anywhere between the chest and the hips.
Please note that this is not a fetish club! (but if that's your fancy I wont judge, just make sure you keep it appropriate!)
View spoilerHide spoilerIMAGE CREDIT: Northern_Lights , HuskyPiuPiuPiu , Castno
This club will not include:
- dolls and/or poseable figures (some poseable figures may be an exception if the joints aren't too distracting.)
- figures with fabric clothing
- swimsuit figures (mainly basic swimsuits, the club will include swimsuits with more detailed designs or regular-clothing elements.)
- chibi figures
- cast off figures must show the midriff even with the clothing on
- figures must include some type of clothing above and below the midriff! so nude figures are off the table (some stripping figures are allowed, it varies)
- the midriff must be completely exposed, this club will not include skin tight or see-through clothing that shows the stomach.

hope we can all get along!
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DoIIy12 days ago#124363355ITEM #1546149 im not sure if there is enough midriff to add here but ill comment just incase

yup that works! Thanks for all your submissions! I've added all of them and will add any more you happen to find in the future :)
9 days ago
12 days ago
ITEM #1546149 im not sure if there is enough midriff to add here but ill comment just incase
12 days ago
1 month ago
From my Current Collection

ITEM #1133254
ITEM #698693

now Musashi Berserker got a lot of midriff although her outfit is akin to a swimsuit/cowgirl though

Photo's soon once I got the time to unbox!
3 months ago
Here are some other link suggestions that might fit the club:
ITEM #1072875 and ITEM #1440480
ITEM #872464
ITEM #1304873
ITEM #501858
ITEM #1386873
ITEM #805458

Also a photo that I took of Kurumi a while back:
PICTURE #2749630
3 months ago
Nefere5 months ago#119194811Ooh, nice idea for the club! I added few photos of ITEM #1074950 that show the figure's belly better than the default shot pose.

hey thank you! sorry, I thought I replied sooner LOL, pics are always appreciated
3 months ago
DoIIy3 months ago#120850841heres some stuff to add ^^
ITEM #756832
(other ver/s ITEM #814192 , ITEM #822313 )
ITEM #775139
(other ver/s ITEM #909516 , ITEM #919584 , ITEM #1558231 , ITEM #1662172 )
ITEM #849636
(other ver/s ITEM #775107 , ITEM #871786 , ITEM #1089557 , ITEM #1170467 )
ITEM #998277
(other ver/s ITEM #1020285 , ITEM #1072527 )
ITEM #549834

hey thanks! guess this is my sign to finally comb through the miku and rem/ram figures lol
3 months ago