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mikamika12 years ago
One of the most strange outfits is the rabbit costume. Who really likes women with rabbit ears and a stump bunny tail? Nevertheless, a push-up tight dress with fishnet pantyhose is what catches the eye, too.

Let's cherish them in our farm.

The avatar mascot of this club is Asahina Mikuru ITEM #6830.

They breed like bunnies:

All bunny girl-related items (be they figures, goods, or media), pictures, and entries are accepted in the club! If an item or a picture is missing in the Related Items / Pictures / Entries list, please do not hesitate suggesting it!
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Sup everyone I made an unboxing review featuring 3 maid bunny girls. You can possibly guess who they are. Check it out and let me know what you think

2 months ago
New Video talking about smile fest bunny girls
4 months ago
Invite please!
10 months ago
Trying to link this article but I hope you guys will enjoy

BLOG #51482
1 year ago
Wow, seems like FREEing is hit the hardest with the Coronavirus outbreak among the Good Smile Company umbrella manufacturers. No wonder they were a no-show at Wonfes Winter 2020.

GSC just released this announcement ( www.goodsmile.i... ), no less than 10 bunny girls (along with a few S-Style and Nendoroids) got delay to April!

And, if you wanna ask me, pretty much all of them will be further delayed.
The only ones in that bunch I can realistically see getting released on April are Erza Scarlet ITEM #740277 and M1918 ITEM #740328 .

(And that's before accounting the future releases...
For example, I have Erina Nakiri ITEM #669992 in preorder. There's no way she'll be released on her initial scheduled month of May.
I think we won't see her before August at the very least.)
2 years ago
take1232 years ago#75320729Nice list, unfortunate from FREEing...
Yeah, lack of FREEing was disappointing. But if it means they're focusing on their backlog first, then I think it's for the best. Too many delays already.

I don't think there is any other extra stuff missing, so we can now consider my list completed.
2 years ago
take123 Bunny Farm
Nice list, unfortunate from FREEing...
2 years ago
Wonder Festival 2020 Winter is coming to an end.
So, here's a tentative list of what has come out of it.
I'll update the post as new figures get announced.
Please do not hesitate replying here or PMing me if I missed something!



View spoilerHide spoilerSkytube - Original Character - Usada Ami (teaser)
ITEM #946116


View spoilerHide spoilerFate/Grand Order - Altria Pentdragon (teaser)
ITEM #945922


View spoilerHide spoilerOre no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai - Kousaka Kirino - Resize ver. (teaser)
ITEM #946403

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai - Gokou Ruri - Resize ver. (teaser)
ITEM #946404

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai - Aragaki Ayase - Resize ver. (teaser)
ITEM #946405


View spoilerHide spoilerOriginal Character (teaser)
ITEM #946208

Lechery (Warning: NSFW)

View spoilerHide spoilerOriginal character - Yuru Fuwa Maid Bunny (unpainted prototype)
ITEM #946182

Orca Toys

View spoilerHide spoilerFairy Tail - Erza Scarlet High Kick Bunny ver. (unpainted prototype)
ITEM #946225

Fairy Tail - Lucy Heartfilia Bunny ver. (unpainted prototype)
ITEM #946221

Orchid Seed

View spoilerHide spoilerSuccubus Stayed Life - Sakuramachi Touko Bunny Ver. (teaser)
ITEM #946341

BINDing (Warning: NSFW)

View spoilerHide spoilerZettai Junpaku♡Mahou Shoujo - Nitta Yui (unpainted prototye)
ITEM #946109

Original character - Usami Mio (unpainted prototype)
ITEM #946108

Original Character - BINDing Creator's Opinion (teaser)
ITEM #946251

Original Character - BINDing Creator's Opinion (teaser)
ITEM #946253

Nekopara - Chocola (teaser)
ITEM #946249

Nekopara - Vanilla (teaser)
ITEM #946250


View spoilerHide spoilerSenran Kagura NewWave G-Burst - Shiki (teaser)
ITEM #946219



Alphamax (Warning: NSFW)

View spoilerHide spoilerSkytube - Original Character (teaser => unpainted prototype)
ITEM #872906

Skytube - Original Character - Momo (teaser => unpainted prototype)
ITEM #872904

Skytube - Original Character - Usada Mimi (teaser => unpainted prototype)
ITEM #861751

Skytube - Original Character - Fukiishi Hana (unpainted prototype => painted prototype)
ITEM #871283

BINDing (Warning: NSFW)

View spoilerHide spoilerHinasawa Tomoka no Zettai Joousei - Hinasawa Tomoka (teaser => unpainted prototype)
ITEM #806223

Original Character - Claire (teaser => unpainted prototype)
ITEM #872941

Original Character - Caroline Lily (teaser => unpainted prototype)
ITEM #872939

Original Character (teaser => unpainted prototype)
ITEM #872936

Original Character - Kurokawa Miko (unpainted prototype => painted prototype)
ITEM #740386

Maitetsu - Hachiroku (teaser => painted prototype. Note: only Hachiroku, no Sawai Natsuha)
ITEM #806217


View spoilerHide spoilerTensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken - Milim Nava Bunny Girl Style (teaser => unpainted prototype)
ITEM #872769

Looks like FREEing has been a no-show at this edition of WonFes.
Well, I guess it's not exactly surprising, given all the delays they're suffering. It's not a bad thing if they focus on working on their massive backlog first.
2 years ago
ginaBL3 years ago#64946765Are bunny boys allowed? Here are two cuties ITEM #806138 ITEM #806137
Ayup, bunny boys are allowed (for example, ITEM #549577 and ITEM #549576 have been added a long time ago) as long as they have enough bunny features (namely, at least the bunny ears and tail) and/or are marketed by the figure company as Bunny ver.

However, regarding those two specific figures you're suggesting, I deliberately left them out for the time being (not enough pictures to see if they have a bunny tail, and FREEing still hasn't marketed them as Bunny ver. or B-Style). I'll add them later to the club if and those features appear in future updates.

EDIT: They're now up for preorder, labelled as "Rabbits Kingdom". They also have bunny tails. That's enough for me to add them to the club's database!
3 years ago
Are bunny boys allowed? Here are two cuties ITEM #806138 ITEM #806137
3 years ago