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This is a line of smaller scale Prize figures by Banpresto. So far they have released Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Dragonball Kai, Dragon Ball Battle of the Gods (Movie), Dragon Ball Revival of “F”, One Piece Strong World (Movie), One Piece TV series, One Piece -Z- (Movie), Tiger & Bunny, Gundam, Kamen Rider, Gintama, LupinXConan, JoJo and J Stars (Jump Stars) Figure lines.

Other series such as Naruto, Disney properties such as Marvel Comics, Star Wars and Disney characters has been announced as well to join the WCF family. Some of these will see the light starting in 2015.

These figures usually come in volumes which consist of 8 figures per set. The latest trend however, is that WCF can be found in 6 figures per set and even 7 figures per set.

WCF Figures usually stand around 2.5- 3.1 inches tall including their respective stands.
A new subline named "MEGA" was added to WCF. This particular line features larger characters and the figures under this line tend to be between 4.5 - 6 inch.

WCF “GIGA” was introduced in 2014 with none other than One Piece Franky Shogun. These figures usually are divided in “parts” which are packed into their respective boxes and placed in game centers for fans to win them. At times, you need to win three (Franky Shogun for example) volumes/parts in order to complete the set (figure). This opens the world to a whole new array of possibilities.

WCF “Double” was introduced late 2014 and it is mostly used for Kamen Rider releases. These figures are in same scale with the rest of the WCF line but what differentiates them is the fact that two figures can share the same stand and usually both figures come in the same box (larger than your average WCF box)

WCF "PREMIUM", a new expansion of the line started with debuts from Disney Magical Castle 2. These releases are bigger than the standard WCF releases but smaller than the MEGA releases. They measure 10 cm and stand usually between 3.9 and 4 inches. Their boxes are of an square format different to that of regular WCF releases.

Starting with Disney releases, WCF can be placed together forming a diorama. This was seen with the first and now the Christmas Disney sets. The Disney Magical Castle releases also contain codes to obtain characters and outfits for the respective game.

Currently, these figures were only available in Japan, particularly in Crane/UFO Machines, however there are internet stores as well as Japanese sellers who get their hands on the figures and sell them for a fixed -to - higher price.
In HK, some WCF One Piece were released in 2012. This is true also for Taiwan and other limited Asian markets.

Starting in 2015, Bandai USA started distributing WCF and many other Banpresto Prize figures to local comic shops and specialty stores. These figures possess the “purple” color sticker and usually have a “label” on the side of the box with all the chocking hazard warning.

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