Lilja Viljakainen
Lilja Viljakainen
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Also known as
Rirya Vuiriyakainen



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Lilja Viljakainen (リリャ・ヴィリヤカイネン Rirya Vuiriyakainen), from AOU Finland, is a member of the Gauntlet Knight squad Grave Mole. Lilja is very loud and wild, typically making fun of Koshka. Though she may not show it, she does care for Koshka. Lilja also has a habit of punctuating her sentences with "meow" and other cat sounds, done deliberately to make Koshka open up to her.

She was made into a Gauntlet Knight and placed into Grave Mole because of a crime she committed (her crime is not public knowledge). Koshka and Lilja both have devices embedded into their heads that electrocutes them if a button is pressed, typically used by Chloe on behalf of Okonogi.

She is currently serving time as a Class 1 Criminal, but has been allowed to leave in exchange for volunteering as a research subject at the Geroy Level 4 Heavy Military Research Center.

Her grades at the Suomenlinna Aerial Augmented Infantry School before her arrest were incredible, and her records at that school still haven't been broken. Large changes have been noticed in her personality and character since her imprisonment, and some sort of experiment at the research center is rumored to be the cause.

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