Fate/Zero - Lancelot - DXF Figure - Fate/ZERO DXF Figure - Berserker (Banpresto)Fate/Zero - Lancelot - DXF Figure - Fate/ZERO DXF Figure - Berserker (Banpresto)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Fate/Zero - Lancelot - DXF Figure - Fate/ZERO DXF Figure - Berserker (Banpresto)
12/27/2012 As Prize (Japan)
H=160mm (6.24in)
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Selling pre-owned. never taken out of amiami box. PM if interested.
2 years ago
If am not wrong i think sentinel is doing a beserker scale figure. Can't say if the pre-order window is still open though.
2 years ago
Selling him for 35€ + shipping
No paypal fees for you. Just Figure and shipping ;)
4 years ago
Looking to buy (EU prefere)
4 years ago
Someone selling the whole set?
5 years ago
Smaller than expected, not bad
5 years ago
Selling the whole set! :)
7 years ago
secretly-otaku10 years ago#1568680I hope MegaHouse makes their own Berserker. This one isn't bad, but it looks dull. I guess you need a dynamic pose to make an armor look like someone is actually wearing it xD. How about an alternative head as well?

Well it's been 3 years since you posted this comment and no news of a possible Berserker figure...so I don't think it's happening sadly. This might be your only bet to get SOMETHING of this Berserker. And yeah it is pretty dull....I'd say the reason is because he doesn't have his crazy dark energy going around him. That's what made him look so dynamic. Or it'd be cool to see him in a pose where he's "assimilating" some weapons like in his first fight with Gilgamesh. In any case, for a character that is suppose to be "berserk" a standing still pose with no action just doesn't make any sense at all. Hell you'd think they'd AT LEAST paint his eyes red to make them look like they are "glowing". All I know is if I can manage to get one, I'll definitely be at the very least adding some nice red shiny paint to his visor to make it look more lively.
7 years ago
shinhawk11 years ago#1319347I keep forgetting HLJ gets hold of these prize figures. I really need to pay attention to them more often.

Well, on the off chance that you still want him, he's up on Mandarake for 1200 yen - order.mandarake...
8 years ago
Come to meeee.
9 years ago