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Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun - Hanako-kun (Gill Gill)
12/11/2021 As Limited «Treasure Festa Online 5»
¥10,000 (USD)
08/07/2021 As Limited «Treasure Festa Online 4»
¥10,000 (USD)
05/15/2021 As Limited «Treasure Festa Online 3»
¥10,000 (USD)
H=120mm (4.68in)
12 parts
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Huge shot in the dark, but if anyone else plans on selling their painted Hanako-kun, please hit me up!
1 month ago
t00thpast3r0t2 months ago#113692848does anyone know where i can buy the garage kit for this? even if it's a recast, i dont mind!! i havent been able to find it anywhere :(
someone posted this link right below you www.ebay.com/it...
2 months ago
does anyone know where i can buy the garage kit for this? even if it's a recast, i dont mind!! i havent been able to find it anywhere :(
2 months ago
Sold Welp, I think I will be selling mine for what I paid plus shipping and pp fees if anyone is interested pm me!

3 months ago
gilnightraylover no.1 gilbert nightray fan
I commissioned an artist to paint and assemble him, as well as 3D model and paint a toilet base for him and he turned out so well!
PICTURE #3203276
4 months ago
So happy to have him in my collection nowhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/07/30/3200733.jpeg
4 months ago
Just got this in today, as my girlfriend is a huge Hanako Kun fan and wanted this figure desperately. Man, it's so much smaller in person, but she seems happy with it.
For anyone looking to snag one, I purchased it from a eBay seller who seems to have gotten the leftovers from Treasure Festa. It is authentic, NOT a recast, if anyone is interested in buying one of them before they sell out here's the link: www.ebay.com/it...
Also, the seller is flexible on the price, I managed to get them down to $145 +shipping after sending some offers. Still feels like a lot for such a tiny garage kit, but I guess I've spent a lot more on a lot dumber so who am I to judge haha.
5 months ago
Melian10 months ago#105781045Damn, I found this figure too late... but yeah, looking for him.m0thii10 months ago#105969308looking for him!!Sagiri-Willow9 months ago#107294964Would love to buy this from the US!!heartasuka5 months ago#110595473looking to buy!!
If any of y'all are still looking for him, I have 1 painted for sale: CLASSIFIED #290396

5 months ago
He shall be mine!
5 months ago
looking to buy!!
5 months ago