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Genshin Impact - Venti - Nendoroid  (#1795) (Good Smile Company)
Scale & Dimensions
H=100mm (3.9in)
Release date
09/2022 As Limited
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Venti5favshovel1 day ago#111322940I WANT HIM SM IF YOU HAVE HIM GIVE HIM TO ME >:P

he hasn't released yet and is still up for PO on some shops
1 day ago
1 day ago
In stock @ Ninoma (MFC Partner) (¥5,405)

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Stalking Loli hunter
Oh boy does he look stiff.
I'm not a Venti fan so I wasn't getting him anyway, but it's a pity they sacrificed his mobility to keep him in price. I mean, it's Venti - people would get him even if he was 7k instead of 5k. The picture that tries to be like the announcement art is painful to look at.
No "ehe" faceplate too. :/
I hope other nendoroids do better. Looking forward to Raiden and Zhongli.
8 days ago
RainbowPuppeteer19 days ago#110664156-snip I agree that he will look nice in real life, and I wish there were photos of a prototype at an exhibition or review. the official promo ones aren't the best.

As for his lower body, they could have done his sitting part. it doesn't happen often, but sometimes nendoroid split right under the breast. in Venti's case, the brown corset and green shorts would be one piece that could be swapped out. and they could have made a second cape part, like they did for Astolfo and snow miku 2014. but yeah, the engineering and production would have made the figure more expensive to produce.
19 days ago
Looking closer I think I figured out what happened here - his cape and corset decorations (particularly his vision piece) probably turned out to be too inflexible when it comes to being able to pose him. His cape as designed here can't go into a flowing shape like the one seen in his splash art, they'd have to create an entirely new cape part to pose him like that. And the pointy bottom of his corset just doesn't allow for a sitting part, the pinwheel decoration would dig into it and the feathers on his vision would snap right off. They could make the vision removable and include an alternative piece that would allow room for a sitting piece, but that plus the cape issue runs into the problem that GSC is very stingy when it comes to extra parts for Genshin nendoroids. It doesn't help that his mushroom cap hat is a little too tall, and it makes his head look really big. That being said, I've seen and gotten nendoroids that look really bad in photos, but absolutely delightful in real life, so I'm sure Venti here will be a lot more charming once he's out in the real world!
19 days ago
Available for pre-order @ Nin-Nin-Game (¥6,490)
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this seems to be an unpopular opinion but i think he's super cute. i look forward to displaying him with the other archons!
28 days ago
I love his design but the nendoroid is dissapoiting. Hope the Paimon will get better
29 days ago