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She's super cute (I love the outfit! ♥), but I don't get why the hair goes transparent. It looks kinda weird
1 month ago
I got her for my bf and shes so cute but like… why is her hand like that?
1 month ago

Selling her in perfect condition.
Including box.

€35 excl. shipping and paypal fees.

I also have the Snowwhite and Red Riding Hood version of this wonderland theme for sale.
Can be sold seperatly or toghether

Shipping worldwide from The Netherlands

Check my list for more figurines i'm selling
LIST #198847
2 months ago
lazyslushy ♡ doll addict ♡
2 months ago
In stock @ Anime NPC ($34.86)
Limited Offer: Product Page
◉ Shipping Worldwide
◉ 100% Authentic and Insured mail
Selling mine from the UK for £25 :)
3 months ago
Anyone who is from Canada and ordered it from Navito World? Still waiting for them to ship my order. On their page it is still written that the release date is April 2022.
3 months ago
In stock @ Lunar Toy Store
Now Available and Ready to Ship
$5 Flat Rate Shipping in Continental U.S.
Nabbed one for $15, everything in good shape except she has no base! Tried a couple different things and ended up poking holes in a plastic jar lid to hold her up. It works lol
4 months ago
kozmv4 months ago#113616121CLASSIFIED #301754 available until crossed out lowered to $30 SOLD
4 months ago