Comments Evangelion Shin Gekijouban - Katsuragi Misato - PenPen - Gals Series (MegaHouse)

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    Brand New! => Gals Series Rebuild of Evangelion Misato Katsuragi & Penpen Limited Edition [MegaHouse]
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    How tall is she is next to other gals of naruto or dragon ball?
    22 days ago
    Tbh would be better if she was bigger imo~
    22 days ago
    She was really expensive:(, but she’s a lovely figurine
    29 days ago
    Such a great figure. She's very well executed and has a fantastic paint job. Megahouse really delivered here. My only criticism is that she's a bit on the smaller side, closest to a 1/8 scale I'd say. I have her displayed next to my Rei and Asuka 1/6 scales by Koto and you do notice the difference. At least her elevated base balances it out a little bit though.

    If it weren't for her smallish size, she'd be an easy 10/10 for me
    1 month ago
    She was definitely worth the wait, very nicely detailed, she tops out at just under the 1/6 asuka I have next to her so she is nicely scaled I would say, penpen is cute too.
    1 month ago
    Hey there! Literally just got this and realized...I have absolutely no room for all these figures (about to move). I suppose it's finally time. Hit me up at [email protected] with an offer and I'll get back to you by tomorrow morning with a bunch of pictures.

    I opened the box, set it up, swiftly realized I need to sell a bunch of these and put it right back in. Wild. Anyways, hit me up weebs
    1 month ago
    stvlacruz1 month ago#111281772In the time someone take the pic. I found this a time ago. The rei II black plugsuit from koto above and under misato.

    Awesomeeee ^^ thank you
    1 month ago
    In case you want Megahouse read your reviews or ask some changes for future figure (the size) enter to...


    And tell them what you think :)
    1 month ago
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