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Spy × Family - Yor Forger - PM Figure (SEGA)
Scale & Dimensions
H=190mm (7.41in)
Release date
07/29/2022 As Prize
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Ok. I'm not a fan of her, but i'm going to buy this one.
2 months ago
I’m so hyped for this series that I’m desperate for figures for Yor and Loid especially, so I’m so close to just ordering the prizes just to have something.

But I’m very hopeful proper scales will be announced for this series. Especially being a shonen series which usually get a lot of figure attention. Fingers crossed!
3 months ago
Oh dang I hope they make a same scale anya figure for this too!
3 months ago
Where can I buy/PO this? Prize figures are never available on AmiAmi and that's my go-to store for any purchases
4 months ago
gilnightraylover no.1 gilbert nightray fan
Photos here: twitter.com/rur...
5 months ago
Now available to pre-order @ Dekai Anime: bit.ly/3BiU5xj

Zero deposit available! 10% available off pre-orders!
5 months ago
I love this design! Might have to get loid after all.... Hopefully they release their normal wear designs with an improved loid too ❣️
6 months ago
Yor looks nice for this figure, too bad Loid's face looks off. Wanted to have them as a pair but I'd be dissatisfied with the display :|
6 months ago
I don't really care for Yor to be honest but this looks like a nice figure of her
6 months ago
8 months ago
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