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Oboro Muramasa - Yuzuruha (Mokei Tomo)
02/10/2013 As Limited «Wonder Festival 2013 [Winter]»
33 parts
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after 2 years and it happened! well happy ! ana339 years ago#1509395PVC scale pretty please Alter !!!
7 years ago
YES YES YES thank you ALTER!!!!!
7 years ago
theyasminshow Militant Missionary
mgphyothant7 years ago#3016741ALTER everybody is calling you.
BLESS, Alter finally answered. ITEM #330951
7 years ago
Why isn't there a Scale of her meda by Alter? ;__;
7 years ago
ALTER everybody is calling you.
7 years ago
I want this so bad. Come on, Alter! I have a high-paying job and want to blow dough on this!
7 years ago
If only they made this, and a Kisuke, my Muramasa collection would be complete
7 years ago
Yamaneko8 years ago#2485597ITEM #269729
Do not give up on this yet ppl :D

I'm still having hope!
8 years ago
ITEM #269729

Do not give up on this yet ppl :D
8 years ago
aeonblue Mother Of Derp
Moro8 years ago#2261522I'd be a bit surprised if this didn't get adapted to PVC, since there are already 2 figures to go with it in the same style.
I guess I'm not too surprised since Alter did skip Velvet from the OS girls :( I swear if they do the DC girls and only make 2 I'm going to scream.
8 years ago
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