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Ok was she cancelled or what? It’s been 10 years lmfao
2 months ago
Wakey wakey eggs and bakey
2 months ago
Omg I wonder if she's still in the works. Maybe she will randomly appear at Wonderfest :o
4 years ago
She looks like a amazing halloween figure. I really hope OS nails her.
7 years ago
Nothing new this WonFest again. Hmmm, a shame. I think she is super cute.
8 years ago
Beani (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Apologies to anyone who was subscribed, I was making minor edits to some entries and didn't realise I would possibly get peoples hopes up on this one until I made the edit orz.

Coming here reminded me of how damn long OS takes to do anything... ;_;
9 years ago
MarshallDTeach9 years ago#1944420This has been cancelled hasn't it?

OS will show a proto around 2020.
9 years ago
This has been cancelled hasn't it?
9 years ago
She reminds me Momiji.
10 years ago
Looks good but her hat looks like she has a siren on her head
10 years ago


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