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Darling in the FranXX - Zero Two - Coreful Figure (Taito)
Release date
07/28/2022 As Prize
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Is she supposed to be smaller than another Coreful figure I have??….
17 minutes ago
she looks crusty asf in the current pics on here .. i wonder if shes that crunchy looking in person ..
18 hours ago
She's super cute in the pictures
1 day ago
NoxValentine4 days ago#112285656Where can I buy her?

Aliexpress. However if you don't want to go through there eBay has alot from Japanese sellers. I ordered two. One from Ali and one from eBay. I'm going to compare both when (if) they arrive.
2 days ago
There's one on mercari merc.li/SDK3ybv...
2 days ago
Where can I buy her?
4 days ago
Ordered her on Yahoo auctions too.
Got her for an actually great price (1900 yen). But unfortunately I had only two shipping methods. Surface Mail or Airmail.
So another 3152 yen came on top. Hopefully the shipping will not be handled with DHL Express because they charge extra service fees...
Never had to pay so much for a Coreful figure :(
4 days ago
Do we still have to delay the delivery date by 100 days on Aliexpress? As I see that some people have already received it.
6 days ago
to those who have her, is she worth it? the quality looks rlly bad tbh :/
7 days ago
mocchi neet queen
Uploaded some photos. I think she looks pretty rough tbh, not as good as other Coreful figures. Her base is cool, though.
9 days ago