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Rozen Maiden Träumend - Suigintou - 1/6 (Musashiya)
1/6  H=260mm (10.14in, 1:1=1.56m)
04/30/2006 As Limited «World Hobby Festival Kobe 23»
¥13,000 (USD)
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Bought one of these at a local anime store, probably bootleg but it is most cursed figure I own. Never before have I had anything be sticky and turn yellow as this thing. Stays in the box least it wreck havoc on the outside world.
5 months ago
I own the bootleg myself. Let me tell you about it.

The painting is not too shabby, her face is actually very decent, prize figure level. Eye and skirt decals are very nice. She is a leaner and if I want to display her, I have to let her rest at the back of the cabinet otherwise she becomes a smooth criminal. She still has the cast-off feature but you can see seamlines way too much (esp on one of her legs, you can see where it was glued, pretty horrible). She was stored for years inside of my husband's basement so she is sticky as a figure can be, especially on her skirt.

You can unassemble her almost completely so I plan repainting her someday, just because the sculpt is good and I don't wanna sell or give away a bootleg.
6 years ago
Hello ^_^
I bought this figure at the mandarake shop in Akihabara, Tokyo,
I highly doubt its a bootleg, the figure looks great aswell.
10 years ago
i want play yugioh with suiginto she plays junk deck.
10 years ago
the one i get was from a shop in hong kong who has an outsale at this time. can be possible that she is a recast because the from where she stand is blue and round. the rest is identical like in the picture overthere. the most interesting part by this figure is when the skirt is cast of she look more human than a dool. her legs have not the doll details like by other versions from her.
12 years ago
jiejie on ice
That price sounds like a recast/bootleg to me.
12 years ago
she was cheap at ebay! 30,00€ is a fair price!
12 years ago
well even if the pvc is a bootleg (and has a lot of problems in terms of leaning and poor materlias & colors) it is quite hard to find and i think it has gained popularity among collectors.
12 years ago
Mmmkay, thanks for the info there dude

Now I know that I have a bootleg in my collection, damn it...
13 years ago
This was onlysold as a limited resin kit. There was never a pvc release so this figure is actually bootleg.
13 years ago