Majo no Tabitabi - Elaina - 1/7 (Proof)Majo no Tabitabi - Elaina - 1/7 (Proof)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Majo no Tabitabi - Elaina - 1/7 (Proof)
Scale & Dimensions
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22K i guess who know?
4 days ago
Love this pose! I wonder what the price and quantity of this new manufacturer will be like.
5 days ago
Kinda tempted to get this set.
5 days ago
When the price is right i might get Saya too if these figures turn out good
6 days ago
Covering my mouth suddenly
6 days ago
Pose could work if the color job is really on point.
6 days ago
Hmmm...she is cute but somehow her posture seems somewhat stiff. And tbh I think Kadokawa's concept art looks cuter.
6 days ago
So much upcoming elaina i can't handle it
6 days ago
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