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Touhou Project - Reiuzi Utsuho (Tick Tock Rabbit)
07/28/2013 As Limited (Japan) «Wonder Festival 2013 Summer»
20,000 JPY (USD)
H=250mm (9.75in)
47 parts
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Wonder Festival 2013 [Summer]


There's one for sale right now! buyee.jp/item/y...
1 year ago
With the certain death of the PVC version, I decided to get this kit. Really looking forward to building her but it'll be bittersweet, seeing what could have been.
2 years ago
Taralen Elf Hoarder
I received her today. She is not as big as I thought she would be; she's about a 1/8 scale. While most of her is regular resin, some parts of her like the wings are clear resin. The casting also seems to be quite good. Overall I'm quite happy with this kit, but I won't take the parts out of the bag yet until I'm absolutely ready to build her.
3 years ago
Taralen Elf Hoarder
Would love this kit. One of the best Utsuhos around.

Yay found her.
3 years ago
Looks. Totally awesome painted!

Is it often that Garage kits come with Translucent parts, ie the fire and the atoms around her left leg?

Also fire seems different from the preview of PVC.
9 years ago
denpagirl otaku keyboard warrior
i hope aquamarine doesn't change anything...the garage kit looks beautiful like this <3
9 years ago
Please let the pvc be as beautiful as this!
9 years ago
Totally epic, can't wait for PVC. Don't even care about the price.
9 years ago
So, this is the "WF Preview" version of ITEM #157263? Judging by the price, the PVC one will be 10K+ easily.
9 years ago