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save this figure!! ive been looking forward to her & i hope she turns out alright :(
3 months ago
aeco Lila stardust ☽
They basically failed to capture everything from the original illustration imo. Very disappointing , was looking forward to this one
3 months ago
It seems like they removed her face mask?! I hope it comes back/it’s optional or something. I like that the pants are optional, I wasn’t vibing with them
4 months ago
They managed to make this feel so boring. Maybe the color will save it, but...
5 months ago
I'm not really feeling this anymore. Her larger chest is also killing it for me. I'm taking this off my watch list.
5 months ago
I like what they did with the “pants” and that the arcade backpack is removable. Think the artwork pose is way better though, not sure why it got changed.

Edit: the hair is also really nice.
5 months ago
Unfortunately gonna Have to see her painted :( I feel like it lost some personality, especially with the larger breasts, and the pose and position of the hand

I really hope they turn out okay, I have her and her sister set as my lockscreen and wallpaper on my phone :(
5 months ago
RainbowMint *:・゚✧*⭑✰
They didn't do the art justice at all. Looks like a completely different character in a barely similar outfit.
5 months ago
LesMarzipan5 months ago#117052406omg her boobs ARE bigger. That's so dumb. Hopefully the finished product is closer to the art...
I'm hoping they get it closer to the art style as well, it's like they almost removed it completely. It reminds me of how drawings are used in the fashion industry rather than the sculpt representing the artist's style. I still like it, but bringing some of those sharp lines in would really make it stand out, especially when it gets color.
5 months ago
Yourtime6 months ago#117042613ugh unnecessary boob jobomg her boobs ARE bigger. That's so dumb. Hopefully the finished product is closer to the art...
5 months ago